Star Wars: The Bad Batch is finally here! This is the latest animated Star Wars series, and some are calling it a continuation of the Clone Wars. We're getting ready to watch the first episode tonight, but I wanted to know if anyone else is watching or is interested in this show.


on May 06, 2021

I'm not at all fussed with animated TV shows and much prefer 'human' characters, so I'll likely not watch it.  Also, I was never too interested in the Star Wars concept;  however, I have seen a couple of episodes of The Mandalorian now and don't mind it at all.

on May 07, 2021

Nope, never like them.

on May 07, 2021

I once had a manager who loved anything Star Wars. One day he was talking about Star Wars and he said said to me: "Don't you love Star Wars?". I said that it was okay and that I've seen the first ones and thought those were the best of the lot. My boss said: "You love them." I said no I don't love them. At any rate he was kidding around with me. The point being is that Star Wars fans can be fanatics.   

My boss was a huge Sci Fi fan and lent me a couple books which I read and really liked. Not Star Wars books.   

He was a good boss. I miss him and all the other people I worked with at that newspaper. (Old guy gets off track and starts rambling)   

on May 08, 2021

A series all about an elite team of enhanced Clone Commandos on the run from the Empire? This show is like a dream come true.