I have been looking at the 2020 data for WinCustomize regarding the top downloads and galleries for last year. I always find it very interesting to see what other people are downloading. Sometimes it's skins you might have missed or didn't expect to be popular. Everyone has a different style they like, so it's also a good way to keep up on any trends that might be happening.

So, let's take a look at the most downloaded skins on WinCustomize in 2020!

Top 10 Overall Downloads

CREATION was the overall most downloaded skin in 2020 with just over 20,000 downloads. Windows Zero came in next with nearly 15,000 downloads, and the remaining skins were in the 7000-12000 download range. Quite impressive!

  1. CREATION (Dream) by adni18
  2. Windows Zero (WindowBlinds) by adni18
  3. Dark Mode (WindowBlinds) by Vad_M
  4. The_Beautiful_Hawaii_Sea (Dream) by cyberslober
  5. Hal 2030 (CursorFX) by theAVMAN
  6. jarvis (Sound Schemes) by ultimate-virus
  7. Piranha FX (CursorFX) by neone6
  8. Vista Plus (WindowBlinds) by adni18
  9. 4K Black Hexagons (Dream) by AzDude
  10. Peaceful Sunset (Dream) by adni18



on Feb 16, 2021