In 2015 I wrote a blog post here showing my PC build that I was working on. I've had that PC ever since and it's been one of the best PC build I've ever done. It would run many of the latest games at ultra settings, and has been a great PC to edit videos and just do general work with. 

I've added a couple small upgrades such as doubling the RAM to 16GB, adding another SSD drive for games, and replacing smaller hard drives for bigger storage. 

Lately though, games are running a bit slower but the GTX 970 has been a fabulous video card overall. I definitely got my money's worth from I guess what would have been considered more of a mid-range card back then. I figured it was time to start thinking about an upgrade.

With my birthday around this time, I was gifted a EVGA GeForce GTX 1660 Super Sc Ultra Gaming card. This is another mid-range card, but its performance has exceeded my expectations. Everything is fast and I can again run games at ultra settings!

Sure, it might not be latest and most expensive card available, but it works great for me and it was a great price. 

on Nov 02, 2020

Happy birthday. I have no complaints with my 970, or 1080ti. So a 1660 is probably to. Not the latest graphics, but they say you should wait a year after something is invented, so they can work ou the bugs. 1660 sounds great!

on Nov 02, 2020

I have a 1660Ti in my laptop. It's a great low end card.

on Nov 03, 2020

I have the MSI version of this and I agree! It's great and runs on really high setting on all the 4x games, GC3, Civ 6, Shogun, etc. At a great price!