Among one of the many things COVID has brought us is the cancellation of much needed vacations across the world. It's destroyed a great deal of the travel industry, and things like theme parks are just starting to reopen. One of my personal favorites, the cruise industry, has barely started to come back and normal cruising won't resume probably until well into next year.

We have had 3 out of the 4 scheduled cruises this year cancelled, with only one of those not related to COVID. At this point I'm not scheduling anything else until things get back to "normal", at least in part. 

What about you? Have you had any vacation plans canceled? Are you doing something else or just waiting it out?

Just for fun, here's my drone video from the Bahamas.


on Aug 18, 2020

Haven't had any kind of a vacation since early 2008, so nope, COVID-19 is not affecting mine.   

on Aug 18, 2020

We've had to cancel a cruise from Los Angeles down the coast to Central America, another starting in Rome going around the western Med, and another from Los Angeles across the Pacific to Australia then north to Southeast Asia and then to Japan.  We've also had to cancel a trip to Hawaii.  We have a cruise still scheduled for next spring from Miami through the Caribean then up to Bermuda and finally to New York, but I'm not optimistic we'll be able to go on that one.

on Aug 18, 2020

At this point I'm not scheduling anything else until things get back to "normal", at least in part. 

Ya I can't imagine traveling voluntarily until a vaccine has been out for awhile and the case counts go way, way down worldwide.

I haven't changed any plans, haven't done any vacationing in a long time.  I do still have a soft spot for a nice beach and maybe a little quick ocean action though, I suppose if I had a fling it would be one of those.

on Aug 18, 2020

I don't travel too well these days anyhow so it's not going to affect me that much anyhow.  I can manage the 3 hour flight between Tasmania and Queensland, but due to arthritis and stiffness I doubt that I'd want to be confined to the one seat and travel any farther than that.

As for cruises, well I've been on two, plus I worked as a merchant seaman for a while as well, so I've done some ocean time and don't feel a need to stretch my sea legs any time soon.  However, if I were sail off into the sunset I'd like to cruise around New Zealand.  I'd also like to see Egypt and the Greek Isles, maybe some of the historic monuments throughout Asia, but it's not something I realistically look at nowadays so I enjoy travel documentaries as the next best thing.


I suppose if I had a fling

Mine would be on a secluded beach somewhere tropical, with copious amounts of ice cold beer served by hula girls in grass skirts.

on Aug 18, 2020

Roughly about now-ish we'd be in the US avoiding our winter a bit.  We would have been doing 'the usual'....Michigan to see the gang at Stardock...New York...because it's New York, maybe Boston again....catching up with a favourite barman in Santa Monica....

Ain't gonna happen, and probably not until there is a successful vaccine..... 

on Aug 18, 2020

We are retired now and we have done 6 cruises over the last 5 years. We got back from our last cruise in mid February just as covid-19 was starting to take hold. We would normally have our next one booked by now but we are playing a wait and see game at the moment. We were thinking of going to Cairns in Queensland next year but with the state borders closed that is also not going to happen.

on Aug 19, 2020

We had our first cruise scheduled back in July get cancelled.  Since we had nonrefundable plane tickets to Miami we decided to go anyway (middle of the peak) and stayed just outside of Orlando.  Had a good time unwinding. 

Even with our "reckless" behavior we still haven't got the crud. 

We're to the point we'd like to get it, get over it, and get on with our lives.  It would also help establish herd immunity.


on Aug 23, 2020

Yep, had plans with the SO. Completely scrapped. Can't be helped though.