I was doing some updates with Object Desktop on my laptop and while grabbing an installer file from my account, I noticed the download for ObjectBar. Wow, that brought back some memories of skinning. ObjectBar would let you create and use your own start menus, docks, sidebars, etc. and was very customizable in both functionality and skinning.

It was quite popular in the past, especially with people looking to transform their Windows desktop to imitate the look and feel of a Mac desktop. 

Here is an example of a popular skin from that time:

Another example of what ObjectBar could do:

Out of curiosity, I went ahead and downloaded it to my Windows 10 PC as I really wanted to see if it would work and what it would look like on Windows 10.

It worked for the most part, and I have to admit....it looked kind of neat.


There is some quirkiness with Windows 10, but it was definitely fun to play around with this for a while. Did any of you use ObjectBar back when it was included with Object Desktop? Do you think this is something that should be brought back for Windows 10?

We definitely want your feedback, so let us know in the comments below!


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on May 08, 2020

YES!!!  I used it and yes bring it back.  I tried it on 10 as well, not too long ago.

RightClick would be nice too!


I can't enlarge your pics, btw.

on May 08, 2020

Well, would be nice to try it at least, hope it becomes available to download.

on May 08, 2020

I   OD

on May 08, 2020
on May 08, 2020

Yes ObjectBar would be great to see a new version for Windows 10.  It should incorporate a way to display live tiles in objects and should also have a native gadget facility.  That is you could create a gadget using ObjectBar then incorporate the user made gadget in a theme.

on May 09, 2020

Never got into it because of DesktopX (I never got the difference). THAT would be quite a comeback.

on May 14, 2020

Absolutely one of my most used tools. Would like it back so much.

on Jun 12, 2020

Can I pre-pay for ObjectBar?  


I used to have the installer, but I lost it ages ago..

on Jul 12, 2020

double post. Sorry.


on Jul 13, 2020


double post. Sorry.

I thought you were dead?

on Aug 09, 2020

Yes I would love to see ObjectBar Resurrected. I am interested in skinning it to look like Mac OS Catalina or Big Sur.

on Mar 11, 2021

I've been watching this space since the blog first came out and I'm still waiting for ObjectBar to be resurrected as well.

on Mar 11, 2021


hope it becomes available to download.
I can download it.


on Mar 27, 2021

I used some time last year.  It's really nice, I've used some others docks, but it's may favorite.

I would use it, but for now it causes some strange behaviors. I hope you can update it.

on May 26, 2021

One of the best things I had on my computers at the time is ObjectBar. I really wish it would make a return, it opened up so much to customization.

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