I'm looking at some creating some new posts like this and thought it might be useful to have a wrap-up post a couple of times a month that feature some skins, some tech news, and general goings on here at Stardock.

I'll be tweaking the format so if you have any input or things you'd like to see, be sure to leave a comment below.

Stardock News:

SoundPackager 10 announced and beta is available for Object Desktop members!

"SoundPackager allows Windows users to instantly change the default sounds on their computer with themed sound schemes called sound packages. 

SoundPackager 10 adds cloud access to thousands of different sounds along with a number of all-new sound packages designed to give Windows users additional choices in how their PC sounds. Users can also create their own sound packages to share with others via an in-app editor."

Skins you might have missed:

Jargon by basj (WindowBlinds)

B85M Light by Chasbo (Rainmeter)

Beautiful Sunset by AzDude (Dream)

DeZign 676 by Sed (Wallpapers)

Dazzle by LightStar (WindowBlinds)

Tech news of interest:

Microsoft to combine its Windows client and hardware teams under Chief Product Officer Panos Panay

Video shows Microsoft's Surface Duo being used in public

The new Microsoft Edge is now available for Windows 10 on ARM devices

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