Happy 18th Birthday, WinCustomize!

WinCustomize is officially an adult now! Launched way back in 2001 after the dot-com bust took out some other skinning sites, WC has since become the largest site on the Internet dedicated to the customization of the Windows desktop.

Today we have over 2.3 million members, 106,240 total skins on the site, over 13,000 skin authors, and a total download count of 379,771,119.

That's a lot of downloads!


Winky the WinCustomize mascot

Here's a bit of history on WinCustomize.

The site launched on March 13th, 2001 and was originally put together rather quickly after the dot-com bust took out some other popular skinning sites. Here's a screenshot of the site back then. Love those colors, right?

A couple of years later in 2004, we did an overhaul of the site design and released an updated version. This version tried to focus a bit more on the skins, and tabs...we added tabs, too.

2007 brought us another update where we wanted to streamline the front page and went with a bit of a darker theme.

That brings us to the big 2010 update, where the site got a major redesign. It focused less on the news, and more on all the great skins we have. Although we've done some minor updates through the years, many on the code side of things, this is the current design for today.

Oh, and while we were researching some of the WinCustomize history, KarmaGirl came across this.....

How many of you remember and used the WinCustomize Browser? I sure did!

On behalf of WinCustomize and Stardock, I would like to say thank you to all our community members and skinners for your contributions over the years. You have made the site what it is, and we continue to appreciate your support!

To say thank you to our community, we are having a limited-time anniversary sale where you can get a 1 year membership to WinCustomize for 50% off*!

*Sale ends April 9, 2019 at 1PM ET

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on Mar 27, 2019

Very cool to see !   

on Mar 27, 2019

I started working at Circuit City as a computer guy, I found WC while playing

on one of the demo computers and started downloading and saving some goodies

on some of the demo PC's 

That's how I got started here at WC.   

on Mar 27, 2019

I know finding WC got me all excited and started me learning what a back button meant... (never learned how to use a PC was till WC) I joined in JUNE of 2001

on Mar 27, 2019

They grow up so fast.  

on Mar 27, 2019

I remember the WC browser. Those were the good ole days!


Happy Birthday Winky!!

on Mar 27, 2019

It's funny to think back, but in the beginning, my nickname was JavaBrain, for my love of coffee.  But, everyone assumed I was a Java programmer, so I changed it.  So much has happened over the past 18 years!  We could write a novel over all of it.  Happy Birthday, WC!  Here's to many more years!

on Mar 27, 2019

Happy birthday WC!

on Mar 27, 2019

Shouldn't a site dedicated to customizing your PC look like it was designed for it? Still optimized for 1024 pixels screens width? Do any of you use that? Last update in 2010 looked outdated on launch day and if I were to come here for the first time today, I sure as heck wouldn't expect or try to find anything of interest, especially after discovering that most of the good stuff are premium skins. The thumbnails on the front page are 100x75(!) or something like that, and noone can tell what they are trying to show without clicking it, so they are worthless. I could go on, and on, and on, but to me this is more like the death of skinning than a birthday to celebrate.

on Mar 27, 2019

Ah... the memories

on Mar 27, 2019


on Mar 27, 2019

Early on while playing on WC there was not much need for one of my favorite 

things Movie Making and Video Editing ........

Then came " Deskscapes " and I finally had an outlet to put these skills to use.

So now appx. 3000 Dreams later with more than 2.5 million downloads on them

it seems to have been a good thing for both myself and WinCustomize.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY WinCustomize ...........

on Mar 27, 2019

ALMonty- nice screenshots of the skins that were available for that version of the Website!  That was a bit too crazy to sustain, but it was neat!  Glad you had those screenshots- I was trying to locate some and totally failed at finding them, lol.

on Mar 27, 2019


Glad you had those screenshots- I was trying to locate some and totally failed at finding them, lol.

I should have some...somewhere....even have some of skinz.org....


And yay, I turned 18 too, then....[sure beats 64]...

Here's one...from 2004

on Mar 27, 2019

Here's one from April, 2001...just a couple of weeks in...

Couple of names there in the ICQ... DavidK in particular.  I was talking to him [on ICQ] on 9/11.

on Mar 27, 2019

Happy B'Day WC. You were only five when I joined up. 

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