Published on October 30, 2018 By Island Dog In Personal Computing

Recently, I shared an intro to customizing your Windows desktop. This time, I wanted to do the same type of article, but put the focus on desktop productivity apps.

Organize your desktop icons with Fences
Fences is one of our most popular apps for a productive desktop. Fences allows you to create fenced off areas on your desktop that you can place your icons in to organize them how you like. Fence can be customized with colors and transparency, and can also be rolled-up to save space on your desktop. Get Fences


Organize multiple applications into grouped tabs with Groupy
Groupy gives you the ability to drag and drop applications together to group them under a common tabbed interface. This allows you to keep an organized desktop by grouping your windows together, which will give you convenient access to those apps.  Get Groupy


Control multiple computers with Multiplicity
Instantly connect 2 PCs and work seamlessly between them using a single keyboard and mouse. Multiplicity is a versatile, secure, and affordable wireless KM software solution. It frees up your workspace, removing the cables and extra hardware (and cost!) of a traditional switch. Get Multiplicity

All of these applications are individually available for your Windows PC, but you can get some of them (and more!) with a low-cost membership to Object Desktop.  While you're a member, you'll get free updates, access to all betas, and any new apps for one year. In addition to the apps listed above, Object Desktop suite includes:

Visit the Object Desktop site for more information!

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