Happy Star Wars Day! May the 4th is a day that has become a “holiday” of sorts to many Star Wars fan around the globe. It was originally started as a pun and has developed into a day of movie marathons, merchandise sales, social media activity, and much more.

We thought it would be fun to join in and feature some of our favorite Star Wars inspired skins that we have here on WinCustomize.

Jedi Interceptor by don5318


OldRepublic by MikeB314


Fett by MikeB314


Jedi Starfighter by RPGFX


Lightsaber by Island Dog

on May 03, 2018


on May 03, 2018

"May 5, 2018 4: 00:00 from JoeUser ForumsJoeUser Forums"

OK ....who's been time travelling?

I'm way ahead of you here and at last check it's 9.58 am May 4  ...

on May 04, 2018

on May 04, 2018

Well what do you know it's Floppy Vader!

on May 04, 2018

Thanks for the post, Island Dog!  I picked up some nice skins I hadn't seen before.