Published on September 29, 2017 By Island Dog In Movies & TV & Books

I forgot this premiered this week so I fired up the CBS app and gave it a watch. I thought it was good.

Anybody else watch this?

on Sep 29, 2017

I watched it, thought it was pretty good.

on Sep 29, 2017

It was great.  As was the brave.

on Sep 29, 2017

Was ok...Hope it'll improve.

on Sep 29, 2017


on Sep 30, 2017

Enjoyed it more than The Brave.  Although for me that might be because I've been a fan of David Boreanaz since Buffy.  On the other hand, my wife had the same opinion, and she refused to watch Buffy/Angel etc.

on Jan 10, 2018

The schedule for this is hard to follow, but a new episode came back. It was one of the best so far.