Managing designer Callum McCole showcases the second mission in the Genesis Campaign on the Much Harder difficulty.

on Aug 01, 2017

Embarassingly, I just fired up Genesis last night, hoping to quickly beat the first mission before bed. I definitely failed at that task, and couldn't maintain map control...

...On normal.   

on Aug 06, 2017

Thanks for the video.

Well, I tried this mission in normal and I do not know how the script goes, but in each of my 4 trials it played very differently:

* as soon as I was taking a region Halee spawned and took it, even when Nihilon is still alive.

* When Halee comes attack me, it is not with one Dreadnought and one cruiser but a huge army that crushes my defenses.

* Most times, she does not even attack me but passes my defenses and take the regions, even the spawn points.

I did not see her doing all these things in your video, she just comes to suicide in your defenses little by little.

I did not bother with the next mission (well I tried it once, and abandonned).

I'm expecting a lot from the next patch and the promised balance review.