Game Replays, Huge Balance Updates, New Maps, Modding Support, and More
in v2.2 of Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation
New features, updates, and adjustments have been made. For a full list, see the change log below!

Game Replay 
You've been asking, and here it is! The game replays remove the fog of war so that you can see absolutely everything that went on during your game. Scope out what your opponents were building and how they were laying out their strategy and find out where you went wrong - or where you went right! Up to 3 replays will be automatically saved, but you can change the settings in order to save as many games as you like.

Balance Adjustments
Callum McCole of General's Gentlemen has joined the Escalation team and made some pretty extensive updates to the game's balance. In addition to adjusting many of the units for both the PHC and the Substrate, he has altered some of the core gameplay values in order to make the game more accessible. This includes refining the counter system, increasing strategic diversity, weakening "cheese" strategies, improving game flow, and much more! If you're curious about the details, you can find them in Brad Wardell's dev diary here.

Modding Support
Modders, rejoice! We have added the ability to mod game files, add maps and scenarios, and enable/disable mods for your game. You can see full details in our Modders Guide!

New Maps
v2.2 adds three new maps. Manannan, a 12-player Terran map and Aenghus, a 10-player desert map, are both excellent for free-for-all games. Brighid is a smaller arctic map meant for 8 players and is ideal for a tightly enclosed 4v4 or a more widely spread game of 4 teams with 2 players each.

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For more information on v2.2, check out the full change log below!



  • Replays- Watch a replay of your game, or go into the leaderboards and watch games from the top players.
  • Modding Support- We have added the ability to mod game files, add maps and scenarios and enable and disable mods for your game. For all the details checkout the Modders Guide.
  • New Maps- 3 new large maps added to support lots of players.
    • Manannan- A 12 player Terran map which is great for free for all games.
    • Brighid- An 8 player Arctic map that is ideal for 4 teams of 2 players each.
    • Aenghus- A 10 player Desert map that is great for free for all games.
  • Issue Orders to Multiple Factories- Selecting multiple factories will allow you to give the same order to all of them. If you select 3 factories and queue up a Brute all three will begin producing a Brute. If you hold the Ctrl key it will issue those requests out one at a time (ie: queuing a Brute will have the first factory begin queuing a Brute).
  • Period key now selects an idle engineer (just like the F1 key does).
  • Radioactive and Metal desposits without mines now show as grey in strategic view to make it easier to see which one's haven't been upgraded yet.

View the full changelog here

on Apr 06, 2017
Are there any changes from the beta, or is this essentially the 2.2 beta?
on Apr 06, 2017



the capture bar does not disapear before unit leave the node and then it goes down before beeing removed does not affect gameplay just annoying 

on Apr 07, 2017

really liking the changes so far!

seeing a number of players struggling to combat gunships though! also im not sure if im happy with fighters only being AA now.. they could never attack drones, but now they can ONLY attack air.. atleast ground based AA can attack drones.. i would prefer if fighters could attack land units, so they dont become completely useless if the enemy makes no AIR.. but that would then require some changes to their ground attack damage or tech tree...

on Apr 09, 2017

Found a bug in the campaign Imminent Crisis. Which is that when playing on any of the missions that have AI partners (Mac and others) you start to capture a resource node the AI teleports a sentry formation in. Then neither get the node because both are trying to capture it. I spent 5 minutes game time trying to capture one node with army of over 50 units against one sentry formation. Neither group could capture the node. I tried to log in to support but for some reason I can't login. I got the game from and can't seem to register the game to my account. Thank you.