IGN has their review of Ashes: Escalation up and gives it an 8.1 /10!

"Escalation succeeds at making Ashes of the Singularity a bigger, better, sleeker RTS that allows you to play its great new content alongside just about everything from the base game (including the lacklustre original campaign missions)."

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on Nov 10, 2016

No doubt well deserved for the past months of work. 


Now if I could just DL the dang thing, I'd be thrilled.


You guys must have set the entire gaming world on fire.


Servers are going SLOW!


Probably a good thing, though.


Means we have much to look forward to.






on Nov 10, 2016

Not bad at all!


on Nov 10, 2016

They gave the original 7.7 though, so, going to a 8.1 doesn't seem to show that much of an improvement.

"The campaign was definitely the weakest portion of the original Ashes, and that remains true with Escalation."