Published on October 12, 2016 By Island Dog In PC Gaming

We are going to have a lot more Twitch streams for Stardock games coming up. We are looking at having a stream each day for various games hosted by Stardock and from members of our community.

I wanted to post our weekly schedule here, and make sure to check back for updates or additions.

You can also follow our Twitch channel to be notified when a stream is live.

2pm ET
Offworld Trading Company 

2pm ET
Ashes of the Singularity 

2pm ET
Galactic Civilizations III

11am ET
Offworld Trading Company with Soren Johnson 

on Oct 12, 2016

So uh..IslandDog is the rumor true? 


Star Control Fridays? 


Ill tune in for that!

on Dec 07, 2016

Schedule updated.