Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

First teaser trailer released:

on Apr 07, 2016


on Apr 07, 2016

on Aug 05, 2016

on Aug 05, 2016

Love it

on Aug 17, 2016


on Oct 13, 2016

on Dec 20, 2016

So i saw the movie on sunday evening and IMO it was superior to last years movie. Not calling it masterpiece, as mainstream movies like this these days rarely are, not enough depth allowed for that, but it was pretty much how i imagined SW 7 to be.... only for it to end up carbon copy of A new hope.

All in all, surprisingly, i was fairly satisfied. 

on Dec 21, 2016

Peter Cushing was awesome

on Dec 22, 2016

Fuzzy Logic

Peter Cushing was awesome

Indeed, not too shabby for a dead guy!

Seriously though, naturally I 'knew' just who that was with the first shot of him standing with back towards camera, and was wondering right away what they planned to do. Just leave the back facing and move on with the left rest to the imagination, put a somewhat similar actor in the role, didn't guess that they would completely CGI a person into the movie. Looked pretty darn good, even though it was still easy to tell it was CGI, I'd certainly call that a success.

Overall, thought the movie was great. Probably put it just after ESB in my overall Star Wars rankings. Which for myself, I now think stand at:

5, Rogue One, 4, 6, 7, 3, 1, 2


on Jan 03, 2017

I might want to watch it again after it comes out on DVD, but my initial impression is that its the best Star Wars movie I've seen in theaters (90s generation kid here).

on Jan 08, 2017

Saw it today.

Same sappy story, different actors (Inigo Montoya, Bucky Beaver).  Great CGI, must admit.  And a few truly funny lines.

And the storm troopers could use a serious upgrade from that 40-year-old armor.


That's it.


on Jan 09, 2017

Despite being an avid fan of sci-fi, I never got into the Star Wars movies at all.  I dunno, there was something corny about them and the storylines were weak.  While the special effects were good, I need more than that from a movie, like a decent plot and storyline that isn't full of holes.

Having said that, though, I have heard this latest edition is the best in the series thus far... that it is not necessary to have seen the previous movies.  I won't go to a cinema to see it, though, but may hire it on DVD/bluray when it gets released.