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At the beginning of the year I posted about a new gaming mouse I picked up.  It was an E-Blue Mazer 2000 which I picked up on Amazon for around $20.  It’s been a fairly good piece of inexpensive hardware, but after a ton of use the scroll wheel was starting to wear down, so it was time for something new.

Around the Thanksgiving holiday weekend Amazon had a bunch of Logitech stuff on sale, so I picked up the Logitech G602 wireless gaming mouse for about $44.  That’s about half off of what it usually retails for, so I think it was a good deal.

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Some of the reason I chose this one:

  • Price – As I said, this was a good deal.
  • Brand – I have other Logitech hardware, and they’ve always been good.
  • Wireless – Don’t like the wires.
  • Customizable – You can customize the buttons and functions.
  • Size – It’s a decent sized mouse, which is perfect for me.

The G602 has 11 programmable buttons, and while I probably won’t use but a few, the option is there.

Photo Dec 04, 12 39 52 PM

Photo Dec 04, 12 39 41 PM

I haven’t been using it very long, but so far it’s been real nice.  It’s comfortable to use for everyday tasks, and it has performed great while gaming.  I still need to mess around with the button programming and see all what I can do with it, but my first impressions are very good with the G602.

on Dec 10, 2014

That's a good looking mouse. Hope they make a wired version of the same thing, may give it a shot, matter of fact I'll probably head to the website and look around as soon as I'm done replying here. Been using the G5 mice for a long time now and love them, Logitech has been my "go to" for mice for a long time now.

Any chance the Logitech software has returned "minimize window" as a programmable option yet with Windows 8.1? Found a way to minimize all, but I really miss the minimize current window option.

on Dec 10, 2014

Looks Like a nice one. I gave up on wireless. I just got a Logitech G502 Protius Core wired for my new rig and really like it so far.

on Dec 10, 2014

All my 'gaming' interfaces are Logitech .... but little is done via mouse [MS Intellimouse Explorer 2.0].

They make good keyboard is a DiNovo Edge [gotta be one of the best].

Flight throttle and stick ... X-65F ... the stick has no moving's pressure-sensitive.

Wheel and pedals ... G-25 ... even the wheel is leather....

on Dec 10, 2014

unfortunately, I am a left handed mouser. I've yet to find a nice gaming mouse that I can use with comfort. dammit!

on Dec 11, 2014


unfortunately, I am a left handed mouser. I've yet to find a nice gaming mouse that I can use with comfort. dammit!

 Funnily enough, I too am left handed but use my mouse in the right hand... dunno why but it feels more comfortable that way. In the very early days I tried using both my left and right hands to operate the mouse and found it was more natural in my right hand.... and this was back when it was just a 2 button mouse with a scroll wheel, so it wasn't about accommodating additional buttons, either.

Thing is most mice are made for right handers and additional buttons are placed one the left side, which makes it difficult for left handed users to access them.  In fact, I don't believe I've ever seen a left handed mouse.  Why manufacturers don't make them I don't know, given how many millions of left handed people there are in the world.  I mean, once they set up the process it wouldn't cost them any more to produce, would it!  And think of how many left handed users [who actually use their mice in the left hand... unlike me] it would appease.

My current mouse is a Logitech M510, which has 2 buttons located on the left to go back or forward in Explorer and on web pages using IE, FF and other browsers.  I don't know if they're programmable or not... being I just took it out of the box and didn't read the instructions [like who needs instructions to use a simple mouse?, I thought].  Yeah, I bought it in a keyboard/mouse combo earlier in the year but only just took it out of the original packaging and started using it a few days ago, so I'm still getting used to it and sometimes forget about the additional back/forward buttons.


Hehe, this left handed, right handed thing reminds me of this twerp I used to work with... had little man syndrome and had to act tough to somehow feel important.  Anyway, one day he tried picking a fist fight with me at lunch time [my 6' 2" to his 5' nothing] and one of the things he said to try and provoke me was that I was as 'queer' as a left handed screw driver, to which I said: "Well that's not as queer as you might think."

Next thing he was puffing up his chest, pointing his finger in my face and came up with: "You're a f**king idiot, there's no such thing."

The upshot of it was that I won a 100 bucks when I took in one with a specially moulded handle for left handers and showed him... told him that if he didn't pay up I'd wring him out like a wet towel until it popped out of his wallet.  Yeah, and I took it off him, too.  Somebody had to bring him down to size... reckon I did him a favour cos his manner toned down considerably after that... which probably saved him a few floggings throughout life's course.

on Dec 12, 2014

All the best people are south paws ....just ask my missus...

on Dec 12, 2014

All the best people are south paws ....just ask my missus...

Hehe... wouldn't be all I'd be askin' her.

Yup, I'm pretty sure there's few things she could divugle that you'd rather not get out 'round these 'ere parts.

But you're right, south paws are the best people... I'm living proof.