Published on October 2, 2014 By Island Dog In Elemental News

This is a new kind of 4X. In traditional strategy game terms, the bad guy has already won – civilization lies in ruins, and twisted monsters roam freely through the scattered wreckage.

Not satisfied with his victory, though, the evil Sorcerer King is bent on destroying the world in his quest to become a god himself.

We invite you to explore Sorcerer King’s unique asymmetrical design, and give us your feedback here so that we can make this the best game it can be when it launches in early 2015.

Helpful links:

About Sorcerer King - Gameplay - FAQ

Early Access Manual - Link

Cinematic Trailer -

Gameplay Trailer -

Steam Community -

Official Twitch Channel -

We’ll be streaming the latest build of Sorcerer King live every Wednesday at 3pm Eastern (noon Pacific, 9pm CET) at, so swing on by to check out our progress throughout Early Access.

All of our Twitch streams will also be archived on our YouTube page at

Happy conquering!

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