Published on June 4, 2014 By Island Dog In Sins News

One of the ways we like to thank our customers here at Stardock is through our annual reports, compiled and authored by Stardock President and CEO Brad Wardell.

This year’s report, as always, combines a look at Stardock’s recent past and its future plans, analysis of the software and gaming industries, and statistics and observations from a survey of thousands of our customers.

Some of the tidbits from this year’s report:

  • Stardock is interested in game consoles for the first time in its history, thanks to the power and ease of development on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

  • We can’t wait to start 3D printing Galactic Civilizations III starships, and seeing what players’ creations look like in real life

  • iOS and Android development “more closely resemble a lottery system” than a viable market

  • Object Desktop Infinite is coming, allowing customers to access the full suite of Stardock’s desktop enhancements for just $3.99 per month

  • Almost twice as many Stardock customers own Android devices compared to iOS machines

  • Stardock customers are evenly split on Windows 8 – 39% have a positive opinion, while 39% have a negative perception

The full report can be downloaded here

on Jun 04, 2014

Great job on the informative and interesting report. I appreciate it. It's great to hear that SoaSE is not being scrapped like the C&C franchise. Looking forward to some interesting announcements.

on Jun 07, 2014

Tell us more about that unannounced Oxide game NAOW! Is it the next Sins? 

on Jun 09, 2014

i did not realize you had such a good software program. i will definitely be getting start8 when i get my new desktop soon. 

Also thanks for letting the customers know what you are up to, most places i buy i have no idea what they do with my money. I am definitely be getting more software and games from you guys because of the confidence boost you just gave me.

on Jun 17, 2014

As always, an interesting read.

on Jun 21, 2014

Great read as always Love the openness and willingness to share such info!

Looking forward to the coming years and seeing the unannounced games be unleashed 

on Jun 22, 2014

Guys you need to upgrade your ICO servers or let the community donate for better servers. You are losing customers at the moment because the server cant maintain over 300 players. You are losing potential clients!