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We talk about movies and TV, so why not have a discussion about the books we read!  Let us know what's the last book you read, and feel free to recommend it or expand on what it's about.

I mostly read through my Kindle and get most of my eBooks through Amazon.

The book I recently finished was Inside the Real Area 51: The Secret History of Wright Patterson.

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on Aug 07, 2014

"All our Names" by Dinaw Mengestu ......  Takes place in Africa and the USA in the 1970's.  A very good read.

on Aug 07, 2014

The Feast of the Goat by Mario Vargas Llosa

on Aug 09, 2014

Game of Thrones by George RR Martin. Finally started the books after realizing how much the tv series diverges in the latest season.

on Aug 09, 2014

'Lamb' by Christopher Moore, very funny.


Just started 'Run, run, run away' by C. R. Cummings.

on Sep 26, 2014

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows... Probably for the tenth time.

on Dec 05, 2014

I haven't read it yet, but I've been wanting it and Amazon put the Kindle version on sale for just $3.99 so I grabbed it.

on Dec 05, 2014

Atlas Shrugged.  I can see things like this happening in this day & Age.

on Dec 05, 2014


Atlas Shrugged.
  .... I read a few of Ann Rands books in the 1960's ... after what you wrote, ScubaDan, maybe I'll read Atlas Shrugged again!

 Read "Adultery" by Arthur Coelho and Wayfaring Stranger by James Lee Burke ....  both very good!! 


on Dec 17, 2014

And now, three months down the line, just finished reading this novel by Anthony Doerr called All The Light We Cannot See. The storyline goes like this: Marie-Laure has been blind since the age of six. Her father builds a perfect miniature of their Paris neighborhood so she can memorize it by touch and navigate her way home. But when the Nazis invade, father and daughter flee with a dangerous secret. Werner is a German orphan, destined to labor in the same mine that claimed his father's life, until he discovers a knack for engineering. His talent wins him a place at a brutal military academy, but his way out of obscurity is built on suffering. At the same time, far away in a walled city by the sea, an old man discovers new worlds without ever setting foot outside his home. But all around him, impending danger closes in. A must-read.

And the next one on the cards is Andrew's Brain by E.L. Doctorow.

on Dec 17, 2014


All The Light We Cannot See
 ...It is on my list. I have several friends and my mother who read it, and just loved it!  


I just finished "Jesus out to sea"... a collection of short stories written by James Lee Burke.   Now I am reading "The Neon Rain" by J. L. Burke. This one is a detective novel. 

on Jan 06, 2015

It was on sale for $2.50 on Amazon this weekend, so I had to grab it. Still want to see the movie, but the book was excellent.

on Jan 07, 2015

alastair campbell diary vol 3... starting on 4 now..

on Jan 14, 2015

And another.

on Jan 14, 2015

Jeff Carlson - Plague Year Trilogy


  Given our current scientific mindset of "We can do a thing, so therefore we should do it",  I can totally see this happening.


We should start a death pool;  which will wipe us out first,  development of Nano Technology (without quadruple-checking the veracity of your descrim keys), or the development of true "AI"

on Jan 26, 2018

I finished the series and the last book was the best.