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Like many of you, I love a good sale or bargain especially in these economic times.  So many forums I visit have a thread like this I wondered why we don't have one, so now we do.

Lets use this thread to post any PC video game deals you might think would be of interest to other gamers.


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on Mar 21, 2012

Portal 2 is 50% off on Steam.


on Mar 21, 2012

This covers multiple sites, despite its name.

on Mar 21, 2012

Ah - I just post deals randomly in their own thread when I find em.  I'll use this.

on Mar 21, 2012

Shogun 2 is $7.50 on Steam:


And this site also covers multiple sites, and is searchable by site, genre, price, etc,:




on Mar 27, 2012

Impulse is doing Neverwinter Nights 1 and 2 and all expansions for $7.50.   And that's got good reviews. 


Then again, I got this same thing for $2 at a garage sale and have yet to open it.        LOL.




on Mar 30, 2012

Trine 2 on sale on steam for 50% off.  $7.49.  84/100 on metacritic.

on Apr 05, 2012

Some super good deals.  Check this stuff out.

1st is a freebee - the original fallout is free at GoG

2nd is a HUGE sale on amazon for pc game downloads.  I picked up the darkness 2 for like $12 and that majesty tower defense game for like $5 or.  Huge list.  The thread shows all the details on where you can activate the games, etc.

And last - Catherine for Ps3 is on sale for $30 at Amazon - just do a quick search.

on Apr 05, 2012

Oh shit Pacov, that list has Crusader Kings 2 for $18!  Yay!

on Apr 05, 2012

+1 pacov- seriously 18$ for Crusader kings 2 I was on the fence but thats a steal! 

on Apr 05, 2012

Glad you fellas checked it out (and sorry I didn't mention that one - good call out!).

on Apr 06, 2012

The deal on crusader kings 2 ends on like 4/8 - so pick it up if you want it very soon.

on Apr 14, 2012

New 1 - GoG has interplay games at 50% off this weekend.  Quite a few gems here.  That's your early fallout games and one of my fav's from back then - shogo for like $3!  There's freespace 1/2, messiah (interesting game) , and sacrifice to call out a few.  Anyway, take a look!

 edit.. and descent... and redneck rampage... and...

on Apr 14, 2012

If you want a lot of games, check out the 1C complete pack over at gamersgate.  80 games for 21 dollars (and if you got in on that 15% for life discount with an IGN prime signup, its only about 18 bucks).  Been up all week, so I'm guessing it'll end Sunday night, but just saw this today.

Highlights in the pack (to me) include Space Rangers 1+2 (and Reboot - great game if you've never tried it), all of the Kings bounty series, all of the Men of War series through Vietnam expansion, UFO Afterlife series, Star Wolves series, and Fantasy Wars.

A lot of stuff I'd never play as well, but heck if you're wanting a bunch of games to tide you through a slow time in releases, $0.40 per game isn't bad.  If you wanted to go really cheap, and you review the games on the site you'd even get more back in bluecoins (Between 5-25 cents worth per game), but probably unnecessary at the low cost.

on Apr 14, 2012

@FallingStar: The Kings Bounty series alone is enough to buy that pack. I have spent countless hours on that series. It has better tactical battles than Heroes VI, Fallen Enchantress, Disciples and other games with similar tactical battles. Go for it people.

on Apr 19, 2012


Mix of Overlord (closest IMO), Dungeon Keeper and Diablo 2.

There are gawdawfully few games where you can root for evil. =P

It's not quite done, yet, but you get it for 15 bucks, so I guess it qualifies for bargain.
It's "working" as an alpha but lots of content is left to do... and content costs money because good artists work for a living - not for free.

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