Blue Orb, Pre-Releases, and Demo's
Published on March 3, 2009 By Island Dog In Personal Computing

Impulse is going strong, and I wanted to start a series on some basic tips and tricks on how to make the most out of Impulse.  While Impulse is pretty easy to use, there are some items people just might not have taken the time to explore.  These might make their experience with Impulse just a bit better, and solve come common questions that are asked.

If you don’t have Impulse yet, no problem, just download it free from here:


The Orb


This button is always referred to, so I wanted to dedicate some time to this, as many Impulse options and settings call this home. 

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Pre-Release Versions, and Demo’s

Lets start with pre-release versions, or betas, and how to obtain them.  Whether you a subscriber to something like Object Desktop, or have preordered a game from Stardock, you will almost always have access to beta versions.  That is one of the benefits we offer.  However, you do need to enable Impulse to show pre-release versions to see and download these.

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In the screenshot above, you will see the option to show pre-release versions, and another option to show freeware and demos.  Make these are checked if you want to see any of these in Impulse.


Impulse Log-in

If you are new to Impulse, or just want to change or find your login information, you can also do that through the Blue Orb menu.

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Clicking the ‘Change log-in’ text will bring up the login window in which you can either enter your current login information, create a new Impulse account, or retrieve your information which will be sent to your e-mail.

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In the next edition, we will focus more on the Orb, and registrations.

on Mar 03, 2009

This is long overdue. It will be a great asset to Impulse and its users, new ones in particular. Well done,ID.

on Mar 03, 2009

Great stuff ID

on Mar 03, 2009

I hope this migrates to the Wiki. 

on Mar 03, 2009

Wiz is right about that. Glad you're creating a document that'll help answer many of the repetitive questions we see posted here on Forums.

May I make the suggestion to put this in the Wikipedia so that it will have a readily accessed address?

It'd be a shame for this much work...and important get lost in the Forum Archives.

on Mar 03, 2009

If this doesn't make it to the Wiki it should at least be a sticky note.

on Mar 03, 2009

If someone wants to place it on the Wiki, please feel free.


on Mar 03, 2009

This is long overdue. It will be a great asset to Impulse and its users, new ones in particular. Well done,ID.


Yeah, but I'm too lazy.

on Mar 03, 2009

I would like to add a suggestion regading impulse. I've brought this up several times without getting a response in any fashion at all.

Please, I HATE when a program decides where items on my start menu should be without even consulting me. Please bring that ability back. It was in SDC.

Yes, you can move them manually but every time Impulse updates an app it puts the shortcut right back on the start menu under Stardock.

on Mar 03, 2009

Hope there's tips and tricks for dealing with tabs and filters

on Mar 03, 2009

Ok, please don't hate me, I held back for as long as I could....honest!!


Impulse Tip - Don't hold the can too close to a flame!

on Mar 04, 2009