Voodoo Extreme has an exclusive feature for the upcoming Demigod game, and that is a short story which introduces the "stone giant" called The Rook.

"Three generations of open war between the Vlemish in the south and the Plenor in the north had wrecked the once-fertile hills of Belrond. Battle-lines waxed and waned like sea-waves, wiping clean the landscape and driving its inhabitants to seek furtive shelter in cracks and dark places. Nobody could remember how the war had started, nor could anyone imagine that it would ever end."

Read the full short story at Voodoo Extreme.

on Jan 31, 2009

Like the story a lot.  I hope there is CG or hand drawn art with voice over to tell the story in game.

on Jan 31, 2009

great story yeah I agree with Trig and suggestion set up origin page and put newest backstories their.

on Jan 31, 2009

That. is. awesome.

on Jan 31, 2009

Very well written, nice story, and not too many random names for unrelated stuff!

on Feb 01, 2009

Very original, good job

nd not too many random names for unrelated stuff!

lol, agreed.