When Windows Vista first came out, people had some good reactions to the new “Aero” look.  It was a big change from the Luna visual style that was associated with Windows XP.  I like Aero as well, but after running it for just a few weeks it’s gets old and mundane.  Fortunately, we have WindowBlinds so changing the skins (visual styles) of Windows Vista is very easy, but the hardest part is choosing the right skins to use.  Everyone has their own taste and style they like to use, but one of the most popular styles of skins are modified Aero skins.

There are many of these skins available that keep the basic feel of Aero, but skinners take that and put their own “twist” on it and have come up with some remarkable looking visual styles.  Many of these skins will work on both Windows XP and Vista, but check the descriptions for more information. 

I wanted to list a few of my favorites that I think many of you will enjoy.

Clear Black by Butch123

Windows Insomnia Clear Satin 2 by TomRichter

Black Vista Basic v3.0 by unclerob

Clear Glass Vista by sagorpirbd

on Oct 17, 2008

My taste more or less parallels yours. I find that what changes things radically is the wall behind the WB. Rotating them tends to make the WB more interesting for me.

I wonder how many folks enjoy the darker WB's vs. the more colorful?

Maybe a survey could inform us all more about the tastes of the folks here at WC?

on Oct 17, 2008

Darker for sure!!!!  

on Oct 17, 2008

i like darker skins

on Oct 17, 2008

I think the wallpaper is really the foundation in which we choose how we skin.  I see why the aero skin is popular because it's clean and simple.  Great for everyday use.  The only time I use a blind that is complicated is when I want to put a nice screenshot together.  Other than that clean and simple is what I think most go for.  In fact, did we not have a poll at one time that measured this among this community?  I believe it showed that most people preferred simple and clean over all others.   So it’s no surprise to me that the aero styled them would be most popular.

on Oct 17, 2008

Personally I have no clue at all why aero style skins are popular. I don't find them simple and clean.

Objectively I know that people have different taste, so I'm not gonna hate you for liking it.

on Oct 19, 2008
thanks for this skins
on Oct 19, 2008

When I first got my Vista, I actually thought there wont be a need to change skins ever again but yet there was still room for improvement and soon I learned of some of the best modds that could be applied to Vista like having a rounded taskbar corners, removing the ugly cloudy background of the title frames, getting rid of those ugly blue backward / forward buttons and replacing them for better ones and so on...