Stardock Games has a blog on the IGN site, and CEO/President of Stardock, Brad Wardell gives an in-depth look at the “beginnings” of the upcoming game, Demigod, from Gas Powered Games.  The story starts with how the concept of Demigod started, all the way to the current state of development.  It’s a great look at the inside of both companies and of the games development, which is something you don’t see too often.

A quick excerpt:

“In the beginning, Demigod was viewed as an action-RPG with strategy involved and it was hard to classify. The single-player mode would consist basically of skirmishes to help get players ready to play online, with the goal being that Demigod would be the “Counterstrike” of the strategy genre. “

Read the full article over at the IGN blog here.

on Sep 03, 2008

Excellent the behind the scenes stuff.

on Sep 04, 2008

Interesting. Got me interesting and quelled fears that the SP won't be a string or just a list of skirmish maps.

I still keep faith in you Frogboy!