Stardock's Digital Distribution Platform
Published on August 27, 2008 By Island Dog In Personal Computing

Stardock is excited to announce that “phase two” of its digital download platform, Impulse, has begun and all updates, new games and software applications will soon be live. Phase two of Impulse sees new games from 2k (Civilizations III, Shattered Union, Sid Meier’s Pirates! and Sid Meier’s Railroads!) and Tilted Mill’s Children of the Nile enhanced edition. New software applications include a host of Corel applications like WordPerfect Office X4, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4, and Corel Paint Shop Pro X2 as well as software applications from Genie Soft, Iolo, and AVG Internet Security and Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware software.

Phase two of Impulse also adds the ability for users to install and update third-party and freeware programs that are available via Impulse. This makes the transfer of the catalogue of programs installed on a user’s machine extraordinarily simple from machine to machine as it’s all centrally located on Impulse. Phase two has already addressed user feedback and incorporates significantly faster load times, downloads, a smart queue option and a smarter updating process which exponentially decreases processing time for updates.

All new titles and software applications are now available at


on Aug 27, 2008
Ya! Got this today when I first opened Impulse. Keep up the good work!  
on Aug 27, 2008
It sorta matches KapsulOS now...but I miss the green.

Also, now that it's not a fixed/static background (hate hate) the store pages scroll *much* more smoothly now, which is definitely a good thing. Store/community sections still desperately need a status bar.
on Aug 27, 2008

I'd gotten used to the green. Option to switch please!

And another update already?


on Aug 27, 2008

i'm a little confused as to the 'update any of your programs'. If i put in a game that's 10 years old, or some random utliity, will Impulse still be able to find updates for it? Or is there a list of compatible software? Also, I liked the green, but I'm indifferent on this color scheme.

on Aug 28, 2008

Heya! I like the new style

on Aug 28, 2008

Eagle-eyed Jafo didn't notice the change...





Jafo goes sit in corner.

on Aug 28, 2008

This update is a lot smoother and generally a good improvement.  Keep up the good work Stardock.

on Aug 30, 2008

nice work so far Stardock crew but is there a choice of what colour there is??? or is orange the default cause i like Black and green and Black and Red.

on Sep 02, 2008

Skinning options will be coming soon.