Published on July 27, 2008 By Island Dog In Sports & Leisure

I took my wife to the gun range today to let her try her hand at my fairly new Taurus 9mm I use for concealed carry.  I believe this was her first time firing a handgun, and she didn’t do too bad for a beginner.

on Jul 27, 2008

Looks like she hit way more than she missed.  Good shooting!

on Jul 28, 2008

I hope you started her out at 7 yds or so, since you want her confident.

What model? 95?

Let's see!

on Jul 28, 2008

Good work...her for hitting so well and you for teaching her.  A friend and I went to an indoor range together a few years ago and after a few magazines we traded pistols for a few shots.  His was a Taurus 9mm (I am not  familiar with Taurus models #s but it was very close in appearance to the Beretta the Military has adopted).  Mine was a new (at the time) KP-94 Ruger in .40 cal.  I was so impressed with the ease and accuracy of the Taurus that I considered offering a time I settled in to the peculiarities of the Ruger and am now very happy with it and I really like the .40 cal round.  So if I ever contemplate buying a 9mm for the collection...thats the one.

Hey Geezer!  Good to see your name in print.  How about an update?  How is the new life treating ya?

on Mar 16, 2011

Picture is not showing, it it deleted ?

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