Did you get your game on?
Published on July 8, 2008 By Island Dog In Gaming

Well we had a long 4-day weekend, which surprisingly I didn't do too much gaming.  On the Xbox 360 I played a few rounds of Battlefield: Bad Company, and a little bit of Guitar Hero III: AeroSmith.  I didn't get around to any PC games this weekend as I tried to stay away from the computer for a few days.

So, what did you play this weekend?


on Jul 08, 2008
I was camping this weekend, so I played some horseshoes and some ladderball.  Also played with some fireworks!  No video games for me - though I would have liked to get a bit of gaming in.  Maybe some rock band on the 360, or school some noobs in PM2008. 
on Jul 08, 2008
Winning Eleven 9 and Pirates of the Carribean. Bumped up the difficulty on WE9 to 3 stars, and I can score goals again... took a lot of practice.
on Jul 08, 2008
For me it was LEGO Indiana Jones.  What a fun game.
on Jul 08, 2008

I played WoW mostly (closing in on lvl 70), need to catch up to the girlfriend!

I also played a bit of Europa Universalis III: In Nomine, but I'm finding it hard to get into the game compared to Hearts of Iron II for some reason.

To top if off I've started a new Diablo II character in celebration of Diablo III.

on Jul 08, 2008
I played GC2 TA a bit...

Also, Alpha Centauri. I just got it recently, having never played it before. I always thought it would be a rehash of Civ 2. Boy, was I wrong!
on Jul 08, 2008
Etrian Odyssey on the DS, a true successor of the old Wizardry and Might and Magic games. Tough as nails party-based dungeon crawling in the old school sense, I can't recommend it and its sequel highly enough.
on Jul 08, 2008
The usual, TF2 and Twilight of the arnor.
on Jul 09, 2008
I played with the Spore Creature Editor. It reminded me a lot of the City of Heroes character creator (except it was more advanced). Then I drooled over the upcoming release of 1.1 for Sins.
on Jul 10, 2008
Dwarf Fortress, Warlords Battlecry III (I missed it the first time around), Twilight, and Sins.

Yes, I had a long weekend.