Published on May 10, 2005 By Island Dog In Politics
I find it interesting the people that were writing articles about Delay totally ignore this.

Media: The criminal trial of David Rosen, a former staffer of Sen.
Hillary Clinton, began Tuesday, but who'd know? Not a public that's been swamped with news of Rep. Tom DeLay (news, bio, voting record)'s troubles.

But what laws has DeLay broken? And what laws has he been accused of breaking? While it's not possible to answer the former with any degree of certainty, the answer to the latter is: none.

Rosen, on the other hand, is on trial for filing false campaign-finance statements. The
FBI says he deliberately understated by two-thirds the cost of a glitzy Hollywood fundraiser "to increase the amount of funds available" for Clinton's Senate run in 2000.

It's not that the media are ignoring the trial altogether. They're simply not putting as much effort into it as they are in their attempt to smear Republican DeLay.


on May 12, 2005
on May 12, 2005

Did you "really" think that the left (col or dabe or their ilk) would respond to these "facts"? Christ they'd break out in hives!