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Control 2 PCs with one keyboard and mouse using a seamless connection

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Instantly connect 2 PCs and control them all with a single keyboard and mouse, copy/paste formatted text and images, send data easily between computers, and more. If you run more than one computer at home or at work, Multiplicity is the tool you need to get the job done.

Share the heavy lifting of intense programs and keep virtual activities separate, but connected seamlessly between two computers. This versatile, secure, and affordable software solution lets you control two machines using one keyboard and mouse without the hassle of extra cables or the hardware needed for a traditional switch.


Creatives love the ability to retain their formatting when they use Multiplicity to seamlessly copy and paste content from one PC to another. Designers and editors alike use seamless mode to run editing programs alongside their intense graphic design applications without experiencing lag, stutter, or drop in frame rate. Audio sharing lets you listen to sound from both PCs without switching headsets and speakers.


Multiplicity's seamless mode allows you to establish a keyboard and mouse connection between your two computers while they're adjacent to each other and on the same network. You can stack your displays and move easily between them, or create a virtual “docking space” that will easily reconnect every time it comes back within proximity.

If you use multiple PCs on a regular basis, Multiplicity is the efficiency solution you’ve been looking for.


  • KM: Control 2 PCs with one keyboard and mouse

  • Preserve formatting on text and images which are copy & pasted between two PCs

  • Lock & unlock all PCs at once from one keyboard

  • Audio share from multiple PCs and listen through one PC

  • Seamlessly switch between PCs using a mouse, hotkey, and touch (for touch-enabled monitors)

  • Hot key or touch to a specified field in an application or form

  • Supports OSes: Windows 10/8/7

Reg. $19.99   Now $9.99
Buy from Steam


*Sale ends July 5, 2018 at 1PM ET and valid when purchasing through Steam only. The Steam client is required to run this software when purchased through Steam.

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