We'll showcase our titles, join members of the dev teams for a behind the scenes look, play some goofy games, and lots more!
Published on May 22, 2018 By Island Dog In Ashes of the Singularity

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Want to get the latest Stardock news, hang out with the devs,
see some behind the scenes stuff, and more?
Then join us on Twitch every Tuesday at 4pm ET!

We love to interact with our community and we really want to hear what you have to say! Every week there's something a little different - sometimes we might showcase some new features or interview a dev. Other days might be a special art or behind the scenes stream with some of our talented employees! Some days will just be plain goofy - we might play some geek trivia or engage in some other kind of shenanigans. 

You can find our streaming schedule and show plans here. Do you have an idea for a show or is there something you'd like to see? Let us know! You can hit us up on Facebook, shoot us a tweet, or post in the comments below.

See you Tuesday at 4pm ET!

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