Galactic Civilizations II and Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion made PC Gamer's list of the best strategy games! Check out the complete list here:


on Aug 30, 2017

I certainly don't contest Galciv2 and the original Sins being there, but I don't put much cred in this list.  I mean, Warcraft 3?  Really?  Like Warlords Battlecry wasn't combining RPG with RTS before WC3 did?   And pass up Warcraft 2 in favor of 3?  At least StarCraft made his list.  Obviously you can't list top strategy games and not list StarCraft. 

Total War gets two entries, while C&C and Warcraft only get one?  C&C and Warcraft started the RTS genre.  And of the two Total Wars he lists, neither is TW:Napoleon, my favorite.  

Rise of Nations totally does belong there.  It's Civilization:RTS.   Speaking of Civilization:  he picked Civ *VI*??!?    IV and V dance circles around VI.    And then he lists AoE2 but not AoE3, and CnC:RA2 but not CnC:RA3--both of which make sense, actually.  But not Civ6.  

Supreme Commander was not a top 10 game.  


on Sep 01, 2017

 Sorry, can't see it.  The site blocks my ad blocker. 


on Sep 02, 2017

Civilization 4 is one of the best games out there but not six. I would probably have call to power, or 2,3 before i would have 5 or 6 there.  I would put crusades there to.

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