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Published on April 4, 2017 By Island Dog In Sins News

v1.9 Modernization Update Improves
Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion for Current PCs

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Sins: Rebellion celebrates its 5-year anniversary with an update that brings significant changes to the game's engine, AI, graphics systems, and more! Modern gamers will enjoy an incredible remastered 4K experience, optimizations to late-game play, and improved memory capabilities.

Major Features

Graphics Optimizations
Sins: Rebellion gets a face lift in v1.9! The improvements to the memory system have allowed for a new "Extreme" texture setting that makes the game look better than ever. The difference is noticeable in everything from the ships and the planets all the way to shadow rendering. The UI will look incredible on 4K monitors now thanks to user interface scaling.

Memory Optimizations
Concern yourself with space battles instead of space restrictions! Previously, Sins: Rebellion's 32-bit process was unable to exceed 2 GB of RAM usage. New adjustments in v1.9 allows the game to use up to 4 GB of RAM, which reduces crashes and lets modders focus on their creations instead of worrying about hitting the 32-bit limit. Any mods that already exist will benefit from the engine improvements with an overall better look and performance.

Late Game Optimizations
Reduced stuttering and lag during late game battles let you focus on the fight! The Iron Engine has been improved so you can enjoy large fights without worrying about issues. The game's AI has also received some updates, making for more interesting challenges and gameplay.

For a full changelog of version 1.9, see here.

v1.9 is available and ready for you in the Steam Client!

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on Apr 29, 2017

Hm thats a Error from Direct X this can be the game but also can be graphic driver issue or a graphic card issue (hw) also could be ram or HDD so im asking ..

How Old is your PC? 
is this Win 10 pro Fresh and clean or just upgraded (or at least more than one year old ?)

and so much things this is kinda heavy to diagnost just try everything re install windows if its old or clean old files clear registry, reinstall direct x reinstall driver (not just uninstall also delete the driver) may it works after 

on Apr 29, 2017


And it's broken now all I get is black screen and an error message:

Open a ticket with support.



Have you updated your graphics drivers recently?

on May 08, 2017

 How do i open a ticket please , as im also getting the black screen only since reinstalling the game through steam

on May 22, 2017

Shame i got screwed i bought them all on impulse  and well ya know were that went cant you guys get my keys i original bought the games from you

Impulse was a digital distribution and multiplayer platform. Originally developed by Stardock to succeed Stardock Central, it was purchased by GameStop in March 2011,[2][3] and was subsequently rebranded as GameStop PC Downloads, with the client being renamed GameStop App.[4] The client was discontinued in April 2014.

it would be greatly appreciated 

on May 22, 2017