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Ever since Windows 8 came out with the missing Start menu, Start8 has been a very popular Stardock app because it brought users back to Start menu they were familiar with. Even when the Start menu eventually returned, Start8 remained popular since it still offered Windows users a variety of options and customization.

Fast forward to today and now we have Windows 10 with its own take on the Windows Start menu. That’s where Start10 comes in, and just like before, gives Windows users the features and customization options to make the Windows Start menu look and function like they want it to.

Below, check out a few tips to make your Start10 experience even better!

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Start10 Integrates with Fences

Fences is another hugely popular Stardock app, so it makes perfect sense that some integration has been added. Fences lets you organize your desktop icons into grids called "fences", and now those fences are integrated right into the start menu with Start10. Any fence you have on your desktop will now also appear as entries in the Start menu.


Use a Custom Start Button

Start10 has several options for unique Start buttons that you can choose from included in the configuration screen. If you want to use a different image, there are hundreds available for download from that can be easily implemented. Pick the image you want to use, and that will be your new button on the Start menu.



Apply Textured Backgrounds to Start Menu and Taskbar

Start10 allows you to customize the Start menu and even the taskbar with the ability to apply textures. You can select from a variety of textures and can even adjust transparency, color, and other customizations to get your Start menu and taskbar looking exactly how you want it to.


Learn more about Start10 here.

on Nov 25, 2016

I've been using Stardock's Start10 application since it was first released.  A short note on Windows.  I don't know about you but I think Microsoft and WIndows are both becoming less flexible with each new iteration of Windows.  I personally love having the freedom to customize my computer the way I want and the more Windows allows for this independnt customization, the better for us.

The reason I point this out is because third party programmers are constrained to the operating system's limitations on customization options and this sucks!   Here's an example.  I would really like the option of coloring coding my Outlook files but this is not possible. Could Microsoft write this feature into their software?  You bet, but for some innane reason, they just don't.

So where does this leave Stardock's new Start10 you might ask?  Well Stardock is simply limited to what they can write  their programs to do in conjunction with Windows and Microsoft.  However, Stardock maximizes what it can really do.

I like the many different colors and texture combinations one can create to match up nicely with Windowblinds.  Start10 is the only software app out there that can do what Start10 can do to express your style and who you are!  It's well worth it.


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on Nov 25, 2016

Why don't my fences appear in the Start 10 menu?

Start10 v 1.52 and Fences v. 3.03.

Nevermind, they appear under all programs.  I thought they would be on the main start menu.

on Nov 25, 2016


Why don't my fences appear in the Start 10 menu?

Start10 v 1.52 and Fences v. 3.03.

Nevermind, they appear under all programs.  I thought they would be on the main start menu.

I'd like the ability to select one or more of my fences to appear on the right hand side, or at least have the ability to specify that they appear at the top of the all programs list.  I have too many folders on that list to easily scroll through and select a fence.