Published on September 21, 2016 By Island Dog In WinCustomize News

Fences v3.03 beta is available today for current customers and Object Desktop members.

Update includes:

  • Updates /startup robustness & reliability
  • R-clicking anywhere on Titlebar opens the menu
  • Resolves issue where icons covered by other fences on general-desktop (not in fence) could still be clicked
  • Disables "escape" button from triggering autohide
  • Fixes bug where rollup/rolldown timer can get stuck, breaking rollup for a specific fence until reboot
  • Resolves issue where if Fence has too many icons, its column count reduces by 1

You can download the beta from your Stardock account here.

For more information about Fences, please visit

on Sep 23, 2016

So far, so good.  No problems here.  

My only suggestion would be to add "Configure Fences" to the list of items that comes up with you RMB over a Fences Title Bar.  I know it comes up when you RMB over the desktop, but it just seemed like a logical place to bring up a requester to configure Fences overall.



on Sep 23, 2016

Good idea.