More Players, More Worlds, More Units, More Everything...
in the new Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation
Standalone Expansion

Stardock has revealed the first expansion pack for its massive-scale RTS, Ashes of the Singularity. Escalation lets you take your war to the next strategic level on huge maps, destroy your enemy with devastating orbital abilities, bolster your armies with unique new units, and much more!


Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation introduces some new and exciting content:

New Story-Driven Campaign
See Haalee's point of view and learn about the origin of the Substrate in the campaign "Memories." Experience the next chapter in the "Escalation" campaign as the PHC faces external and internal threats.

New Units
Add to the gameplay dynamic with new units for both the PHC and the Substrate! Destroy waves of enemies with the heavily armored Hera unit for the PHC or bolster the strength of your army and recharge their defenses with the Caregiver unit for the Substrate, and more.

New Worlds
Travel to new Crystal and Lava worlds for new and exciting scenery for truly epic battles. Wage war across landscapes of massive crystal formations or storm your enemy's base across spans of volcanic pits and burning terrain.


Bigger Maps and Global View
Experience truly massive wars with over a dozen players at once on maps even larger than before! Face the new challenges of multi-tiered terrain and use the new Global View to manage your armies more easily.

New Buildings
Bolster your defenses with new upgradeable buildings. Unleash devastating advanced aircraft units on your enemies by building an Aviary or Advanced Sky Factory. Lay traps for your enemies or surprise them from behind enemy lines with new offensive and defensive turrets

New Orbital Abilities
Surprise your enemy by using your quanta to call down turrets at critical moments in battle. Defend regions or deploy turrets strategically to trap incoming units or cut off a retreat.

...and more!
In Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation you will take your war to the next level and engage in massive battles. 

Escalation is $19.99 for existing Ashes of the Singularity players and will be $39.99 for new players.

The conflict is rising - are you ready to wage a massive war?
Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation will be available for pre-order on August 25th.

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on Aug 24, 2016

1st screenshot is in terrible quality.

on Aug 24, 2016

I was ready to grill ya for being a jerk, but that first pic is legit messed up. 

on Aug 24, 2016

Yea. Blech. Removed it.

on Aug 25, 2016

more and more form what stardock promised and announced transfered form the normal game in the expansion and the normal game has still a lot of bugs and isn´t finsihed .... i paid about 40€ about 45$ for the game and i get less and less of your announcement... and the expansion get more and more expensive from 10 to 15 and  than to now 20 dollar...  dislike...

on Aug 25, 2016

On that last note, I recall seeing this on steam:


The first expansion for Ashes of the Singularity will be coming out this Fall. It will be a stand-alone expansion (i.e. you won’t need to buy the base game). The base price for the expandalone will be $39.99. For a limited time, the upgrade price for existing players will be $9 and then later updated to $19.99 eventually (we want to thank our early adopters for their loyalty and support).

Link in the steam thread is:

Is the plan still to enable existing players to purchase for $9?


If so, is there a particular link that we should be clicking, or will steam just be smart about it? 




Looking forward to the expo.

on Aug 25, 2016

frogboy wrote: "The base price for the expandalone will be $39.99. For a limited time, the upgrade price for existing players will be $14.99" not 9$ any more this at the 08.08.2016. 

At the Roadmap update today: Stardock increased the price for the expansion again to 20$:


as i told in an other thread... finish the development of the game and than start an expansion; it dont work that stardock develop the expansion before finshing the normal game 


I ask stardocks again: Why I should buy a expansion for 20 to 40 dollar if you didnt even finish the normal game, fix the bugs and solve the map and fraction balance? 

After all i payed about 45 $.




on Aug 25, 2016

Have to agree with Never

on Aug 25, 2016

While I understand your point of view, I am going to be all over this expansion. More single-player is always a plus in my book.

on Aug 25, 2016

Sort of agree with Never. Sort of.

I can also see that, from SD perspective, they are also adding more investment and additional features.  


I ask stardocks again: Why I should buy a expansion for 20 to 40 dollar if you didnt even finish the normal game, fix the bugs and solve the map and fraction balance? 

Bottom line is that development costs money.

At the end of the  day, they seem to be telling us that if we want them to continue working on the game, we need to fill up the coffers again.

So perhaps it just might be costing them a bit more than they expected to sand the corners for us.


This is part of the  reason I thought SaaS would be a decent idea.

Makes those expos a little less offensive (and perhaps sometimes not necessary). 

Thread here:



on Aug 25, 2016

Here's another thought.


It seems like there is this repeating pattern, where they release the game, and then not enough people buy it, so it goes on sale within a relatively short period thereafter.


Then everyone who bought at retail price complains, because they feel like they have been somehow shortchanged ("early adoption tax").


This is obviously not intended by Stardock, and probably isn't the way things should turn out.


So what if pre-purchasers got some DLC for this "block" for free.


Then if it goes on sale, the folks who purchase at the sale price won't get the same value.


The folks who purchase during sale would have to but the DLC for the "block" separately.


SO no complaints from the folks who paid full price.


Sort of like a mini founders program for the loyalists.



on Aug 25, 2016

And then there is this:


Ashes now selling at $13.99


And gold bundle with all DLC @ ~$16

on Aug 25, 2016

about 23,91€ = 27 dollar in Europ


on Aug 25, 2016
Wait, did you just bump the price of the expansion for existing owners of Ashes again? It was $9.99 then $14.99 and now $19.99

I am not saying I would be against paying $20 for the expanalone, but the sneaky bump is a little insulting. I also noticed that you moved the upgrading buildings from base game update to expansion update. Again, I don't mind it since it's post-release development costs but the ninja edits are starting to make you look shady.

Yea, sorry about that. When we tried to make it that price we ran into all kinds of price protections that had been put in place with partners. I didn't know about it until yesterday myself.

on Aug 25, 2016

prices can will change in due time, as for the bugs they are not affecting the game to much, unless you exploite the heck out of them, (their main focus as been mostly on the expansion,)

also at the moment there is a bug in the game affecting the entire gameplay (the amplifier for the phc gives an income of 6 from 2 with one amp, also up to 8 with orbital amp, it is those type of bugs that shoulde have a high priority. (not sure if this effects the subs)

as for the price its content and its expensive to produce content. (think about world of warcraft in comparison that rips of the money in one swoop if you are willing to pay for it)

 also for frogboy/brad its best you dont give us promises they just make the crowd unreasonable if promises are made.

Humans are pretty dumb if they dont start thinking some thoughts. (in my experience)

But the list of content on the steam page seems promising and personally i think its worth the price in the end.

on Aug 25, 2016

If I had my way, I would nearly give away the games.  I just want people to play our stuff.

But when you want other services to sell your games, you have to take their needs into account as well.