You spoke and we listened!
Ashes v1.1 is here with new units, additional campaign options, new maps and more!


Engaging with our community and hearing what you have to say is really important to us here at Stardock. 
Over the last couple of weeks since Ashes' release, we have been reading your reviews and applying your
comments to updates for the game. v1.1 is ready to go, and so far, we've added:

New Campaign Difficulty Level Selection
Whether you feel like casually cruising through so you can just experience the story, or challenging yourself with the highest difficulty setting, the new options in the campaign will allow you to play the way you want to!

  New Difficulty Levels for AI
To further service our players, we've added "Novice" and "Intermediate" difficultly levels for AI opponents. Now, you'll be able to experience a wider variety of challenge when you play against the PC!
New Maps
Expand your single and multiplayer experience on the new maps "Fast & Furious," "Dread Valley," and more.
  New Orbital Ability
We added a new PHC orbital ability called “Probing Force” to this update! Using the Orbital Fabricator, you will be able to call down a group of new units called Sentries into battle. The Sentry unit is a tier 1 unit that is a mix between a Brute and an Archer. 


If you've been playing Ashes, we want to hear from you! Join the conversation over at Steam.

For more information on v1.1, see the full change log below!




  • New PHC Unit: Sentry
  • New PHC Orbital Ability: Probing Force
  • New Map: Fast & Furious
  • New Map: Slow & Steady
  • New Map: Dread Valley
  • Difficulty Levels for Ascendancy Wars!
  • Two new difficulty levels: Novice and Intermediate
  • Existing Campaign updates to support new difficulty levels
  • Tachyon better tracks difficulty levels for future Hall of Fame handling
  • Radar stations show their range when being placed
  • AI updated to use new features
  • AI army handling improved
  • Matchmaking algorithm changes to reduce wait time when there are lots of players in the queue
  • End screens now display Quanta production graph and stats
  • Military power and overall power now broken into two graphcs on end screen
  • More stat reportinG
  • New Scripting commands for modders
  • Beam weapons now display an impact effect
  • General polish pass on missions
  • Improved edge scrolling
  • Certain third-party apps that do process injection blocked for stability
  • Auto-reporting of detected potential cheaters
  • Avenger primary weapon improved to deal with large numbers of weak units
  • Tier 1 units HP/shields slightly reduced
  • Call Avatar cost increased from 30 to 35 quanta
  • Avatar velocity reduced (less cheesy)
  • Creeps will sometimes spawn anti-air creeps

on Apr 26, 2016

This is crazy! Why would you make Substrate more OP than they already are by making their anti-frigate unit an anti T1 unit as well?! Why don't you give it AA guns as well and have done with it! I played substrate for the first time the other day, had no idea what I was doing and completely wiped the floor! Now I can see why everyone I've spoken to in rank 1 positions in ranked matches say substrate is OP.


I'm not over reacting, this is really bad for the game.

on Apr 26, 2016

first, thanks for the update


now i think i found a bug, i played the last mission of the campaign and even on hard the enemy AI isnt building anything

on Apr 26, 2016

Sim, T2 are cruisers, not frigates.  The Mauler is the T2 killer, the Avenger is already anti-T1 and stacks up against the PHC equivalent like a hamburger to a skyscraper.

on Apr 26, 2016


Why would you make Substrate more OP than they already are by making their anti-frigate unit an anti T1 unit as well?!

Frigate and T1 are the same thing. The Avenger was always designed to be the T2's anti-T1 unit I believe. I agree that Substrate may have balance tipped in their favour a bit at the moment (after being behind for a while) but the Avenger is not the reason for that.