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Originally posted by Soren Johnson on the Mohawk Games blog.

We are announcing the Sixth Offworld Twitch Tournament!

Here are the rules:

  • All tournament matches are free-for-alls, with a medium map and default settings, with the exception of Masquerade and Reveal Map, which must be turned on.
  • All games must be played on the next_version branch (password is “MohicanSun2015)”).
  • The format for winning is that games continue until one player has won two matches.
  • If a player is not responsive to finding a time or does not show up to the match, s/he forfeits the match.
  • All matches must be streamed by at least one person, which can be a third-party observer.
  • After the game is finished, at least one video must be uploaded to YouTube and a link to the video should be posted in the results thread, along with a text description of the results. (Most games will be streamed at either or

Game #1, Monday, Dec. 7th, @10am EST:

  • PBHead
  • Blues
  • TheSpinCycle

Game #2, Tuesday, Dec. 8th, @2pm EST:

  • Soren Johnson
  • Veivi
  • Ultrapope
  • Blackmagic

Game #3, Wednesday, Dec. 9th @2pm EST:

  • Darkas
  • Kingmorgam
  • Cubit
  • Showcasemike

Game #4, Thursday, Dec 10th, @11am EST:

  • Gameslayer
  • Zuzani
  • Sir Rogers
  • Dermas

Here is the bracket:

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