Since the last edition of The Political Machine 2016 weekly stats, we’ve had a lot of developments in the primaries. It will be interesting to see the effects it has had on the game. The big primary in South Carolina for the democrats happened recently and Hillary Clinton easily took that state. Super Tuesday saw wins for Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Ted Cruz. Subsequent primaries had Bernie Sanders picking up Michigan from Hillary, and various other states going to both Clinton and Sanders. On the GOP side, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz both pulled some wins, and John Kasich managed to get his home state of Ohio while Marco Rubio pulled off a win in D.C.

Then, all eyes went to Florida, which was a make-or-break for Marco Rubio (his home state). Rubio only managed to pull 2nd to Donald Trump, thus ending his bid for President of the United States. This narrows the GOP field down to basically Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, with Kasich just barely hanging on. For the Democrats, Florida was another big win for Hillary Clinton.

Let’s now take a look at the recent ‘exit polls’ from The Political Machine 2016.

Winning Candidates
The top 5 winning candidates so far this week are:

  1. Donald Trump – 13.4%
  2. Bernie Sanders – 11.8%
  3. Hillary Clinton – 5.9%
  4. Michael Bloomberg – 4.3%
  5. John Kasich – 2.4%


Donald Trump remains in the lead with the most wins by candidate in the game. Bernie is still right behind him, but slips a slight bit in the percentage of wins from last time. Hillary Clinton gained nearly a full percent increase, and John Kasich stays the same at 2.4%. Surprisingly, Michael Bloomberg is still in the top 5 despite him announcing he will not be entering the race.


Wins by Party
The stats for the wins by party are very close again this week. Democrats are taking 55.6% of the wins and the Republicans are at 44.4%.



The Big Issues
The issues that helped shape the campaigns haven’t changed much for this week.

The top 5 big issues:

  1. Fighting ISIS – 41.1%
  2. Resettlement of Refugees – 27.6%
  3. Secure the Borders – 13.2%
  4. Supporting Gay Marriage – 7.2%
  5. Addressing Climate Change – 1.8%


We still have a couple months left of primaries, so it’ll be interesting to see how they progress.

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on Mar 18, 2016

Excuse me ??  NO Ted Cruz? 


What kind of bogus simulation is this ?



on Mar 18, 2016

Excuse me ??  NO Ted Cruz? 


What kind of bogus simulation is this ?




Hopefully prophetic... 

on Apr 25, 2016

Excuse me ??  NO Ted Cruz? 


What kind of bogus simulation is this ?




Haha...Maybe they're keeping him for Xpack?