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Published on October 20, 2015 By Island Dog In WinCustomize News

Stardock is pleased to announce that DeskScapes, our program that allows you to animate and customize your desktop wallpapers, released today and is now fully compatible with Windows 10.

DeskScapes gives you the ability to animate and customize the wallpaper on your Windows desktop. You can choose one of the animated wallpapers already included with the program, or use your own WMV files to personalize your desktop. There are some additional features to DeskScapes as well:

Key Features:

  • Use your images and videos as the desktop wallpaper
  • Customize your wallpapers with animations
  • Apply over 40 special effects to your desktop
  • Apply any dream as your PC screensaver
  • Hundreds of Dreams on
  • And more!

Purchase DeskScapes or download a free trial here.

Current Object Desktop owners and DeskScapes 8 owners can visit their My Downloads page and update to the latest version free of charge.

on Oct 20, 2015

Any word on what was fixed in this update from the beta?  Because none of the bugs I passed on have been addressed.

Reported here and numerous other places

Is this only a problem related to dynamic dreams like PhotoDream, because videos seem to work as expected (though with non-matching monitor ids)?


on Oct 21, 2015


This was reported Apologies for not replying to let you know.

on Oct 21, 2015

No worries.  You actually did let me know in that thread.  Thanks!

I was just concerned that the program was updated and released as "fully compatible with Windows 10" without addressng these bugs I reported that don't exist on Windows 7, but do clearly exist on Windows 10.  

Like many, I skipped Windows 8.x, so I'm not sure if it's broken in that OS.

It appears as though my issues are on the "to do" list then.  I was hoping it was an easy fix that would be part of the run-up to release.

Thanks for touching base.

on Oct 21, 2015


This thread should be updated.  

on Oct 22, 2015



This thread should be updated.  

It is now

on Oct 22, 2015

Not seeing it here. And I logged out and cleared my cache.