We are excited to finally announce Ashes of the Singularity and wanted to take this opportunity to welcome you to our community. We have a great team assembled at Oxide Games and Stardock, and you can see more details about the team here.

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on Mar 04, 2015

Glad to be part of the community, and really looking forward to getting my copy of the Alpha. 

on Mar 04, 2015

I just want to say. This game is making alot of claims. I mean, "never before attempted scale".  Those are loaded words all unto themselves and im curious as to how the Stardock team will attain them.  This means beating out RTS games like Supreme Commander and its sequel Forged Alliance (we dont speak of the sequel that shall not be named).  That means attempting to go bigger than their own game Sins of a solar empire or Planetary Annihilation.  This means a better sense of scale than EVE online or Galactic Civilizations. Somewhere i read realism. im gonna go back to SupCom on that one because you can be shooting at something across the map and mid flight the shell might hit a gunship that had no idea it was flying along the shells trajectory.  That kind of realism is something i have only seen in Planetary Annihilation.  I have no doubt this will be one of the greats of RTS gaming.  I'm excited to see how Stardock manages to make it's claims reality.

on Mar 20, 2015

@Josh, the things you are discussing are already in the build right now.

On a large map, we get thousands of unique units going and doing their thing. And yes, every shot is its own ballistics object with its own firing solution. 

To say I'm a fan of Total Annihilation would be an understatement. I'll probably bring this up a lot over the next few years to drive home the point but I was the top ranked player on Boneyards for a good portion of its existence and played for PGL.

We were also GPG's publisher on Demigod and were thus, intimately familiar with the strengths/limitations of the Forge engine (which was pretty fantastic for its time).

The thing to remember is that today, we have 64-bit (so 8 gigabytes minimum), 4 cores minimum, and DirectX 11 minimum.  These are technical advances that allow a lot of new things to be created.


on Mar 20, 2015

When i new about this game i was think ok let me see what everyone is talk about.

Honastly i wasnt expect what i find ,im big fan of TA SCFA series, and the new RTS evolution free play.

Was a bit with stepback, cant say  nothing for now,  bec we dont now yet, how ashes of the singularity will evolve us,but so far i feel i found the right game again after Forged aliance,planetary anhilation and RTS evolution.

Its not like we want a exact copy of Supreeme commander because that wont fit well ,but we want a total new ideas fit in same gameplay style .


With  new technologies that they are using now, i think we cant imagine the full power they are think to this game .


Ui ,new units to all kind tastes ,new Micromanage eco system,new balance system,new flowfield.

Im see on this game ,what many RTS players are waiting so loong.

Biiig epic battles that will embereced all rts right now.



But also im think in get Servo that im like    ...

on Mar 22, 2015

@Frogboy It's beyond awesome to see that the game will actually use some hardware. I have been waiting a long time for a truly massive scale RTS, and from the way you speak that may just happen. I hope you guys continue to shoot for the stars when it comes to scale. The thoughts of having a game where I can truly wage war makes me giddy. Having battles can be fun, but I want a real war!

on Mar 24, 2015

I signed up here just for this game, and will become a founder.

Whilst i love SOASE and Supcom: FA two games (SC2 & PA) have failed partly for one key reason.

The units in the game look like toys. They give you no real depth, or want to level them up or keep them alive because they all look like plastic.


I know we all have our own ideas but heres a few suggestions if i may.

  1. Units need to look used, and realistic for the era targeted. SC:FA managed that.
  2. KKND was also a fantastic RTS. There are some great ideas in there. Particularly in KKND2 which was a bad game overall, but had a unit editor, albeit poorly implemented.
  3. the research tree in SOASE/ SC2 is great, but you need a basic version (similar to SC2, and a "vast" version.
  4. if you focus on controlling resource points to win the ECO game, then you force slower players, who may not be interested in rush games, and multiplayer to suffer. in SC at least you have the potential to hold your ground, and at least fight a better player with mass fabs etc. many of us love LONG drawn out games, with masses of detail i.e. research, base defenses, super units etc. something i think SOASE does really well, but can now be far larger in scope.
  5. the only thing i like about PA is the galactic war. Again, its a bad design but the idea of a massive, simple to code campaign is highly appealing, especially if unit veterancy can be carried over, and the research tree can be vast.
  6. with you cohesive unit strategy, you need to be careful that the best "unit" isn't mathematically calculated and then it just becomes a game of spamming those unit quantities as its hard to counter.
  7. Dual/ triple monitors are vastly under utilised. Could we get a CCTV style setup where we have up to 9? cohesive units monitored in classic CCTV split screens. we can then click these to go to that action group. i imagine this would be a very efficient way to jump between groups in actual combat.
  8. SC:FA ferry system is very good.
  9. Walls are almost always poorly used in RTS or quickly become pointless.
on Mar 24, 2015


I signed up here just for this game, and will become a founder.

Whilst i love SOASE and Supcom: FA two games (SC2 & PA) have failed partly for one key reason.

The units in the game look like toys. They give you no real depth, or want to level them up or keep them alive because they all look like plastic.

That's a pretty subjective thing, and having played and been heavily involved with both SC2 & PA (especially the later), their 'failure' had little to do with this. SC2 strayed too far from the genre, and people who came from SC1/FA felt cheated and thought it was dumbed down. PA had a lot of controversy surrounding it, for many different reasons - some just, some not. While some people didn't like the art style, it wasn't the make or break issue of the game by any means.

on Mar 26, 2015

it was a large contributing factor. feeling anything for either of those games is very hard. I would never under estimate the power of the artwork used in games and media etc.

SC2, yes its main failure, being dumbed down for mass appeal. The Ashes eco system looking like its going to be based on a well founded system, but plenty of potential for this to become a land grab = win scenario. It will be very interesting to see how this develops.