We talked about the announcement of the Surface Pro 3 the other day, and one of the things showed off by Adobe at the event was a touch-friendly version of Photoshop CC.  Engadget says Adobe is working on a full-powered version of Photoshop CC focusing on touch devices.

“This edition is designed specifically for use with a touchscreen and stylus. Icons and other UI elements have been doubled in size so that they're easier to tap with a free finger and gestures like pinch-to-zoom work flawlessly. And this isn't some hobbled, half-featured version like Photoshop Express or Photoshop Touch. What's more, it should be ready to support high-density displays like the one found on the new Surface.”

This could be a really good thing for both a device like the Surface Pro and Photoshop. 

Source: Engadget

Additional info on the Surface Blog.


on May 22, 2014

You have made Doc happy. 


Just what I was hoping for yesterday! Bet there'll be a way to use the F keys to open various tools. Yum! 

This just might be a poor man's Wacom...the downer: Despite the huge resolution, it's still only a 12" screen. Still, when you're out snapping pics and on a trip, Certainly a good deal of post processing could be done, and when sitting in front of a big screen, it will certainly be a stand in for a Wacom.

Surface Pro 3 is looking better and better!

on May 22, 2014

Interesting that the Surface Pro 3 uses a 3:2 display ratio, the same as a 35 mm film or DSLR camera.  he $999 version seems like a good machine.


Now when will they create an Android version.  With 2.+ ghz quad core processors and HD screens, they should have enough power hese days.