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Like many of you, I love a good sale or bargain especially in these economic times.  So many forums I visit have a thread like this I wondered why we don't have one, so now we do.

Lets use this thread to post any PC video game deals you might think would be of interest to other gamers.


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on Apr 20, 2012

Not technically a deal, but free Diablo 3 beta access for everyone - see post for details:


on Apr 28, 2012

Grabbed this from slick deals:

Dungeon Siege III $5, Deus Ex $7 from amazon will activate on steam Starting tomorrow (Sunday) Amazon will have Dungeon Siege III ($4.99), Deus Ex Standard ($6.99), and Deus Ex Augemented ($7.99) downloads on sale. All three activate on steam. I believe this is as low as Dungeon Siege III has been and is 50% cheaper than the last steam sale ... granted I've heard bad things about DSIII but for the price may pick it up. Credit to Tony (amazon rep) for the info.


on Apr 30, 2012

Yeah, Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Augmented Edition is a steal at that price.  Great game.


on May 01, 2012

Dungeon Siege III is okay as far as RPG adventures go, but not the hottest potato going.  For $5 you can't go wrong.

on May 06, 2012

Got a new one:

PC Digital Download Games: Psychonauts $2, Costume Quest $3, Stacking $7.50, Oh So Fine Bundle $10

Amazon has several PC Digital Download Games on sale. Thanks xanchui
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Grabbed this from slick deals.  All games activate on steam. 

on May 07, 2012

Amazon has some Paradox games on sale:

Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim for $2.49

Majesty 2 Kingmaker - Expansion for $4.99 

Mount & Blade: Warband for $9.99


There's quite a few more here.



on May 09, 2012

Mount and Blade: Warband is one of my favorite game of all time.  When I look at it on steam , it's funny to see the hundreds of hours I have played that game.  It is fantastic.  

on May 17, 2012
EA's new & free to play Battlefield game
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on May 18, 2012

This weekend, GOG has Alpha Centauri, Dungeon Keeper 1 and 2, SimCity 2000 and Populous 1 and 2 for $3 apiece.

- ripped from joystiq

on May 20, 2012

Steam has Anno 2070 for 50% off.  That the most it has been discounted since its release, so I finally grabbed it.

There's a pretty good sale on other Ubisoft titles as well.


on May 21, 2012

Sins of a Solar Empire: Trinity is 50% OFF on Steam!


on May 23, 2012

Tropico 4 for $10.  Fantastic game. 

Tropico 4

on May 24, 2012

OK - I've got a good one here.  First - it's free.  Second - apparently you can trade it in for a $5 credit for another game when you are done with it.  Third - its actually a really fun game.   Details through the link:  Disciples II gold for free.



on May 24, 2012

Will you guys please drop the price on Twilight of the Arnor again soon?

on May 24, 2012

Arnor is sold separately anymore, just the Gal Civ II bundle -