Skin Roundup for 3-9-12
Published on March 9, 2012 By Island Dog In OS Customization

Welcome back to another edition of This Week in Skinning!  Lots of talk this week going on about Windows 8, and if you have downloaded the consumer preview, then be sure to check out our newest app, Start8.

Now for this weeks picks!




Oan by CountryYokel

This is a matching CursorFX theme for his WindowBlinds skin, both with a cool design.

Black Diamond


Black Diamond by AceMatrix

This is a fantastic set of icons for IconPackager.  Works great with lots of themes.

Plastique Autumn


Plastique Autumn by gmc2

The colors is what first caught my eye, and that makes it a bright and refreshing skin for WindowBlinds.

swiss wb


Swiss wb by madcat21

Great design and lots of detail make this a real winner.  If you use WindowBlinds, come check this out.


METROPOLIS by d4fmac

Xion media player users will definitely like this skin.  A minimal design that looks awesome.  Great work!

on Mar 09, 2012

Nice selection, congratulations to all!

on Mar 09, 2012

Ditto. Congrats.

on Mar 09, 2012

Great work all.

on Mar 09, 2012

Thank-you everyone.. and thank-you Island Dog for the feature. You all are great !!

on Mar 09, 2012

Nice stuff. Good picks, ID.

on Mar 09, 2012

Well done! 

on Mar 09, 2012

thank you for the plug, congratulations all.

on Mar 10, 2012

Thank you ID, congratulations to you all.

on Mar 10, 2012

Great work guys!!!  Some mighty fine work here!!