Published on February 22, 2012 By Island Dog In Politics

Hey, remember the controversy about ANWR.  Remember how enviro-wackos and the liberals told us it would take 10 years to feel the effects of drilling at the pumps?

Yeah?  Well it was 10 years ago that they said that.

Thanks again!


on Feb 22, 2012

This shows how stupid some people can be; in this case it is the American people along with Congress.  The original Alaskan pipeline is still working after forty years.  Some people just cannot stand being wrong as those who think they are saving the planet. 

The sad thing is when the human race dies out the planet will still be here.

on Feb 23, 2012

The good news is "we've got some algae out there" and it might cut our oil consumption by 17% according to our lord Obammy


on Feb 23, 2012

Obama is so bad he makes Romney, Santorum and Newt electable.