We have been putting a lot of focus on our Facebook and Twitter pages and it has resulted in new customers and new members of our community.  Since we have quite a few, I wanted to post a list of all of them so you can easily “like” them.










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on Jun 28, 2011

Am I missing some back room deal that causes loyal people that visit here regularly to get facebook?


on Jun 28, 2011

I must say, I realy like the FE layout. Very nice artwork. The others are also quite good.

on Jun 28, 2011

I abhor Facebook but for fun I carefully did this--my gaming alter ego.  Muwahahahaahahah!


on Jun 28, 2011

Okay so I went to Facebook and signed in or up. 

I'm so bad I could not see where to sign out. 

I think I'm showing my age just a little bit. 

on Jun 28, 2011

Be aware, Facebook will constantly prompt you for cell phone numbers, will ask you to open your email account contacts up to it and will try to connect you to everyone and things it thinks can be related to them.

Somewhere on the top of the page to the right is a "log out" button.

If you look at my link above, none of that ties to any of my real-life personal info (except I do actually like the things I listed as likes). 

on Jun 28, 2011

Facebook will constantly prompt you for cell phone numbers
Never happened to me and I'm on FB daily.

Philly, there is an account button at the top right. It will give you a dropdown where you can set your privacy, etc., and log out.

on Jun 29, 2011

In the coming weeks and months, we will be offering exclusive giveaways, coupons, and first-looks on these pages, so it will be a great way to get ahead on some future updates to our games and software.


I get E-mails From you ..

on Jun 29, 2011

It just seems to be Facebook this, Facebook that now is ridiculous and kinda bloody annoying. Can't we just have something on here, seperate fi you will, for updates etc?

on Jun 29, 2011

Another Stan here... Great vid.

on Jun 29, 2011


You don't have to participate on Facebook if you don't like it.  The fact is we have thousands and thousands of "fans" on our Facebook pages and people use FB now to get info and things of that sort.  

Just because we are doing something on Facebook does not mean that is the only outlet for promotions.  

on Jun 29, 2011

Island Dog


on Jun 29, 2011

A nive way to let facebook act more to YOUR likings is BetterFacebook. Available as a plugin for browsers.

And a short note : Data You leave on websites is NEVER and NOWHERE 100 % secure. So just look WHAT data You need to show and give away. That's it.

on Jun 29, 2011

Marketing posted in a forum reaches people who go to that forum.  It's a very small number of people.

Marketing in Facebook can reach many people who might be interested if only they knew about it.  Now they will have a better chance of knowing about it.  Share the love, become a fan.

on Jun 29, 2011

Haters are gonna hate.
Nothing will ever change that.

You got it, Bro!


... and btw: I HATE FACEBOOK - most useless shit ever (but this is another story )

on Jun 29, 2011


... and btw: I HATE FACEBOOK - most useless shit ever (but this is another story )

Yeah, for those who do not use it or want to use it.

I spend way more time on Facebook than on any other site, so it's far from useless to me.

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