With the decade over, or almost over depending on who you ask, it’s time to reflect on the last 10 years and our very own Brad Wardell has published his list of the Top 10 Games of the Decade!

Brad’s 10 best games of the decade

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on Jan 05, 2010

No Warcraft 3

Otherwise I kinda agreed with the list, apart from CoD4, It shouldnt be in that list at all :/

on Jan 05, 2010

No DIablo II? Fail

No Spore? Fail

Hey, and why is DG not on this list? Fail

No accounting for taste I guess.

on Jan 05, 2010

All credibility was lost on #5.


(But I still love you Brady-poo

on Jan 05, 2010

i agree with most of that except for (like above) no warcraft or diablo. but i reckon CoD4 should be higher or put CoDMW2 in cause they are the fpss EVER. guitar hero is crap should take that off.

on Jan 06, 2010

Wii Sports was on that list. WTF?

on Jan 06, 2010

Well, these games were best for the industry. But they hardly gave the best gaming experience.

on Jan 06, 2010

needs more devil may cry, demon's souls, diablo 2, and MGS imo

on Jan 06, 2010

Shadow of the Colossus ought to be on every list of the 10 best games of the decade!

on Jan 06, 2010

No DIablo II? Fail

No Spore? Fail

Hey, and why is DG not on this list? Fail

No accounting for taste I guess.

Spore?  One of the best? I think Metacritic would like to have word with you.  It has the worst ratio of professional reviews to user reviews of any game in history.  See for yourself

on Jan 07, 2010

people read the intro to that, right? 

It’s time for endless top 10 lists.  So what makes my list special? The answer is that while other top 10 lists are merely the opinions of people, this list has been put together by teams of scientists working in laboratories for months on a new super computer to determine the definitive list of the 10 best games released in the decade based on their quality, design, and impact.

on Jan 07, 2010

1. Diablo II

2. Giants - Citizen Kabuto

3. Sacrifice

4. Ground Control 2

5. X³ Reunion


7. Etherlords

8. Anno 1503 - 1701

9. Demigod

10. Tropico




on Jan 07, 2010

Spore, seriously?

COD4 is the best game one in the cod series.  MW2 should definitely not be on there.

Diablo II, WC3 and SotC are all 3 excellent games and viable replacements for bejewelled, halo and some other game.

All 10 of Frog's choices are excellent games for their platform & genre, however i think the title should have been the 10 most prolific games of the last decade and not necessarily the best.

10.  Bwejewelled, addictive game, great for a few minutes of downtime, the wife loves it.

9.  COD4 arguably one of the best FPS games ever created and definitely the best in the COD series (although Treyarchs 5 was pretty damn good too especially zombies lol).  Anyways the balance was fantastic, the interface was clean, graphics are amazing, guns were well done as well.  MW2 fails for obvious reasons.

8.  The Orange Box, Portal?  TF2?  - enough said.

7.  Wii Sports, while not a greatest game of the decade for hard core gamers, no one can dispute it's paradigm shifting prowess.  My 95 year old grandmother played wii sports as does my 3 year old son. 

6.  KOTOR - great game

5.  Halo, well eFFF halo and any other FPS on a console.  Halo suxx, graphics were sub par, SD televisions didn't help.  The only great thing about the original xbox was XBMC, but a lot of kiddies went gaga over halo so while it is definitely not in the top 10 best games evar, it is one of the most prolific games in the last decade, sadly.

very sadly.

4.  The Sims - great to entertain the girlfriend/fiance/wife while you play.....

3.  Guitar Hero, awesome game, this, driving, sports, fighting, in-the-same-room multiplayer games are what consoles excel at.  Guitar here added a new dimension to the console arena.

2.  GTA 3

1.  WoW - my personal feelings are meh on this game.  I wore myself out on previous MMO's and WoW was just another mmo but this time with toony graphics, smaller party size etc.  There is a lot of depth to the game but playing for an hour or two means you accomplish nothing.  But I digress, no one can dispute that this is the king of all MMO's.


on Jan 07, 2010

This list needs more Battlefield. First one to successfully merge infantry and vehicle battles online. Something that many games have tried to copy since then. (CoD: UO anyone?). CoD is more of a pimped version of Medal of Honor, which real gamers got bored by 10 years ago. And Halo, that game is just mediocre.

But this list seems to be all about the money, in which case in kind of makes sense.

on Jan 07, 2010

*lol* None of my favorite games of the last decade is in the list.

  • Diablo 2
  • Titan Quest
  • Supreme Commander
  • Civlization III and IV
  • Warcraft 3
  • Rome Total War
on Jan 08, 2010

Dont know if these are best games of the decade but they they are either were a new standard to compare games to or established a whole new genre.

Every game game on that list has changed gaming in some way, not all of them were for the better though.

At least half those game are now inferiour to games that they inspired.