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Well it's Monday, and it's that time to tell everyone what you played this weekend.  I was actually caught up in Star Wars: Force Unleashed this weekend.  It's a good game, but it did have so much more potential.  The force effects are just awesome, and any Star Wars fan will enjoy it.

My kids are really loving Spore, so I hop on with them a bit and give them a hand.  I think they do a better job than I do with it. 

So what did you play this weekend?


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on Sep 23, 2008

I played The Bourne Conspiracy on my 360.  Also some PM2008 on my pc.

on Sep 25, 2008

nothing but Warhammer Online

on Sep 25, 2008

Warhammer Online. Holy pete.

on Sep 25, 2008

what is wrong with Warhammer Online...did I spell it wrong or something?

on Sep 25, 2008

I've been sticking with the classics this past week: 

Currently playing Birth of the Federation with the excellent Balance of Power mod installed.  Am also playing a Shimazu campaign in Shogun Total War (and holy crap, I forgot how tough their starting position can be!). 

Finally, I've started playing GalCiv 2 again (vanilla version) the last few days.  Currently have an Iconian campaign going in a Huge map, Normal difficulty, 9 opponents.  I've been fortunate to have the Torians, Altrarians, and Arceans as neighbors, as they all seem to be kindly disposed towards me (despite my complete lack of a military at the moment).  The Thalans are less happy about sharing a border with me, but I'm hoping I can still get them to warm up a bit. 



on Sep 25, 2008

Civ IV (BTS) and SOASE. Maybe the  2.0 beta release will get me back into GalCiv II.

on Sep 29, 2008

Playing Spore for the past two weekends. I'm enjoying the design aspect of it. I like the cell to tribe stages, but don't really like the civ stage so much.

Another thing: Got the patch notice but guess what, the patch just won't work. Dropped by the spore forum and found out that a patch is required to make the patch work. Typical ea silliness. I didn't get to install the patch in the end and have decided to hang back and wait. 



on Sep 29, 2008

Elona and the occasional Galciv at work.



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