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Published on September 15, 2008 By Island Dog In Gaming

Well we missed a couple weeks, but I wanted to keep this going.  A lot of work this weekend catching up from my trip, so it wasn't a real big gaming weekend for me.  I did manage to get in a bit of gaming on the DS, which I played some Anno 1701, which is also a great PC game. 

It wouldn't be a complete weekend without getting my hands dirty with the Demigod beta.  I would imagine quite a few of you felt the same way. 

So, what did you play this weekend?

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on Sep 20, 2008

I played a little bit The Witcher Enhanced after I had downloaded all the new stuff and I also played a bit Infinite Undiscovery on my 360

on Sep 21, 2008

the witcher EE...i've just reached third chapter, the game is amazing, immersive, beautiful and addictive. I can't find any cons on this one, it's the best RPG i've played so far.

I'm also on multiwinia, this is intense fun. The big battles are coming early and there is no real strategy in the mode I've tried. It's just massive kills, massive fun. I need to play online and with other modes though to see if it doesn't get boring after a while.

on Sep 23, 2008

I've been tf2ing, over 500 hours invested

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