But will it last?
Published on June 23, 2008 By Island Dog In Internet

I was reading an article on ZDNet today which states that Facebook has overtaken MySpace in terms of world-wide unique visitors.  It's kind of surprising for me since I had heard Facebook traffic has been declining.  Analyss suspect much of this growth is due to an increased presence overseas, which does make sense.

Advertising dollars has still been a big problem for sites like Facebook, but it seems some recent hires in the PR department might be a way to turn their "image" around a bit.  I still use Facebook reguarly, but even with the new design of MySpace, my participation there has dropped considerably.

How many of your are on social network sites like Facebook and MySpace?  Do you find them useful?


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on Jun 25, 2008
Facebook was wonderful until all of the applications came into play and they started letting anyone join. It was a great way to connect in the college setting. Although now I'm out of college, so the fact that others are on might be a good thing in the end I got rid of Myspace so long ago. Facebook deserves to be #1 in my opinion though!
on Jun 26, 2008

Most people I know have Facebook accounts and are in 30's age bracket.  I didn't join because two people I know always have their "couples" fights on their id tags.  It has made the whole thing very sleazy to me but a lot of other people I know enjoy it.

I look at it this way, if I wanted to keep in touch with a person, I still have their address.

on Jun 26, 2008
I have a myspace account I created a while back but had not accessed till recently a few days ago to find a friend. Normally I don't care much for such sites. I could not stand having my gmail inbox flooded with "whats to be you friend" emails from strangers who wanted to add me to their endless list of strangers.

I don't like the myspace page style. Too much information on 11 screen, too much scrolling and the skins are terrible one on top of the other. Can barely see the back on. Just too messy for me. I like JU, its nice, clean simple and works for me. If I wanna keep contact with friends, that's what email is for.

on Jun 26, 2008
I'll wait until web 3.0 to upgrade
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