Every once and a while I like to remind people, especially our new users how to find resources for many of our sites and products such as WinCustomize, JoeUser, Stardock, etc.

We have a wide range of videos available online for people to view.  These videos consist of everything from application demos, animated wallpaper videos, to complete walkthrough screencasts showing how to use a particular product.  These are always featured on the appropriate sites, but I wanted to list some of the url's where you can find all the videos for reference.

If you are a member of a site like YouTube, be sure to subscribe to our channel.

Link - YouTube (windowsthemes)

Link - Screencast.com





on Apr 15, 2008
Good information ID. Question, would putting those links in the WC Wiki help?  
on Apr 15, 2008

Question, would putting those links in the WC Wiki help?

Yes, I just need to find a spot for them. 


on Apr 25, 2008
Now that's putting them where folks can find them.   

Really makes sending new folks to the WC Wiki now the first thing that should be done.  
on May 16, 2008

DownThemAll. It's better, and it actually works for the near future.. Plus, you don't pay for it.